What Are The Advantages Of Metal Roofing For The Home?

What are the advantages of metal roofing for the home? Learn the advantages of metal roofing for your home, including life expectancy, weight, renovation cost and fireproof shingles. There are many advantages...

There are many advantages of metal roofing for the home according to Tina Montone, the Marketing Coordinator of ATAS Roofing Company.

"First of all, the life expectancy is a lot longer than with traditional asphalt shingle. The advantage against other materials such as tile is the weight factor. Also metal roofing can fit over existing roofing materials, especially asphalt shingles. This can decrease renovation costs as well as the inconvenience of having a messy yard," she says.

Metal roofing can have a lifetime of 30 to 50 years, and some companies offer warranties as long as 50 years depending on the grade of the metal used. These warranties are often transferable from one homeowner to the next increasing a homes resale value.

Compared to asphalt's 15 to 20 year expected lifetime, metal roofing makes sense and saves the homeowner money in the long run. Metal roofing is also one of the most maintenance free types of roofing material available since it resists the growth of algae and mildew and rarely needs repair.

"Another advantage is that metal is a noncombustible material, so it can't catch on fire," says Montone. Besides being resistant to fire, metal roofing also holds up very well under conditions of heavy rain, hail, extreme temperatures, high winds, and even earthquakes.

Metal roofing is also available in a wide range of styles. "We offer several profiles that simulate other types of material such as wood shingle, Spanish tile and asphalt shingle; we were able to simulate those aesthetically," Montone continues.

Metal can be a very cost effective alternative to more expensive clay tile and wood shake shingles. Customers will be amazed at the variety of styles and designs available in metal roofing products today. With new technologies in painted surfaces, metal roofing also offers a wide array of colors to choose from.

"Another factor that has come to the forefront is that metal roofing can reduce heating and cooling costs; especially cooling costs because metal reflects the sun. When you are reflecting the infrared rays of the thermal energy it reduces the pressure on your cooling system," Montone says.

Metal roofing is naturally a light and heat reflecting material and choosing a light color shade can further increase this benefit.

As awareness of these advantages has increased and technology has allowed for improvements in the design of metal roofing, there has been a steady rise in the use of metal as a residential roofing material. The Metal Roofing Alliance estimated that metal products made up 10% of residential roofing materials in 2003, more than double the numbers calculated in 2000.

Because metal is a natural product, it is an environmentally friendly roofing material. Metal roofs are also often made from recycled material, further increasing its benefit to the environment. Added to its energy efficiency and long lifetime, metal roofing appeals to environmentally conscious homeowners. For those homeowners who enjoy nature, the sound of rain pinging on a metal roof can be another attraction. On the other hand, for those homeowners who prefer a sound proof roof, this is also available.

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