The Advantages Of Private Schools Vs Public Schools

Is public school really good enough for your child? Take a look at what private schools have to offer and make an informed decision.

There is a growing controversy in our country regarding education in private schools vs. public schools. What is the difference really? Private schools have a great deal to offer and are able to implement more programs and hire better teachers due to the fact that they have more money in their school systems garnered by student tuitions. Should every child go to private school? Probably not, but your child might benefit if he seems to be getting lost in the shuffle of public schools.

Private schools can offer a smaller student to teacher ratio than public schools simply because of the fact that there are less students in these schools. The majority of students attend local public schools. As the public schools become more and more crowded, many families are choosing the smaller private schools to gain more one on one attention for their children from the teachers. Private schools also offer more accelerated, college focused courses and are more intent on honing their students to go to college. Public schools often have the philosophy that each student is different and college isn't for everyone, and students are not pushed in that direction, though they may choose to strive for it on their own.

Many public schools which are located in affluent areas can be just as focused and have just as much money as private schools, it is in the city areas where the most difference can be seen. It is necessary to judge for yourself: look carefully at your public school and your child. If your child is one that seems to need more attention from teachers or is floundering in a class that is too large, you may want to consider private school simply for the attention that he needs. Private schools also generally have lower incidences of drugs, violence and drop outs, most likely due to the increased level of dedication of parents who send their child to private schools to have every advantage.

Though private schools can be quite costly, there is more and more legislation moving towards school vouchers where families could take the tax dollars that would be directed toward a public school education and use it for private school tuition. Not everyone can afford private school and so families who have lost faith in public schools are beginning to homeschool. There has been a great surge towards homeschooling in recent years as families begin to take control and refuse to let their children be ruined by the "ňúveal farm' that many public schools have become, turning out children who are just scraping by or simply dropping out.

In general, private schools are more focused and dedicated to the education of children. Teachers in private schools often earn more and can be more dedicated when working with parents who are as equally dedicated to their children. Study the schools in your area carefully and decide if you can afford a private school. Your school is an investment in your child's future and not a decision to be made lightly.

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