Advertise For Free: By Word Of Mouth

By word of mouth is the best way to advertise for free.

A friend tells you that he had just had his roof redone by a company that was very good, and not too expensive. If you were looking for someone to redo your roof would you go with this company or would you look in the yellow pages to find a different one? Of course you would go with the company your friend suggested. That's the power of word of mouth advertising. It is the most influential and cheapest advertising method you will ever find.

There are two ways to promote your business by word of mouth, get others to talk about you and talk about yourself.

We will start with getting others to talk about you. The best way to do this is to surpass your customer's expectations. You can do this in simple ways. For instance, a flower shop may include a single rose with an order of a large bouquet. If this is not advertised but just a surprising extra it is sure to get talked about. You will have a few customers order bouquets wondering if they will get an extra. When they do they will be delighted and will pass on the word that the little flower shop gives more for your money.

A similar way to get talked about is to tell lively stories. You know the kind that people can't help but repeating. If you don't have any, listen to others. When you hear them tell a funny story that you think might amuse your customers jot down a couple notes that will jog your memory later on. Keep these in good taste and always positive so that your image will remain that way. When people repeat these stories they will be asked where they heard them and then your business will be mentioned and many conversations will turn to talking about what you do.

Another way to get people talking about you is to provide extra information. This can be information about the history of your business. If you are a small town success costumers often feel like contributors to your success when they know your story. And if it is a story worth repeating it will be. Other information you can provide are ways to save customers money or get them noticed. People will share this information with associates and your business will be mentioned, if this happens often enough people will begin to think that you have a fantastic company.

Many companies hand out advertising material, like pens, rulers, magnets. If you would like to hand something out, give away something that is unusual and that will get talked about. Give away an antenna ball, a license plate cover or something else that is sure to get noticed and talked about.

Now for some ways you can enter your business into conversations. When meeting someone new you will probably ask something like, "So what do you do?" the person will tell you and then ask you the same question. The key here is to ask them first. That way there is more time to talk about your business, because they are not sitting there waiting to tell you what you do. Make your job sound as interesting and useful as possible, and they will remember it.

Another way to enter your business into conversations is to look for ties. Listen to the conversation and subtly insert comments like, "yes just the other day I got a call like that from one of my customers," or "I went through a similar experience just when I was starting my own business." Keep your comments positive, no gossiping here. Gossips will get a bad reputation quickly. You may get talked about, but you may also get labeled as the business to avoid.

Keep your comments positive and compliment your customers. When they leave they will remember the good feeling they got from you and will refer friends and family to you.

Using this method of advertising will get you more customers and cut down on your advertising expenses. Good luck.

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