Advertising Campaigns That Last

Lauri Jean Crowe shows you why to build an advertising campaign that lasts. Learn strategies for logevity, brand recognition and more...

When deciding on how to best use your advertising dollars, you will want to look at longevity. An advertising campaign that lasts years instead of weeks will definitely boost your overall sales profile and residual income. Whether you are a small business just starting out, or a long-standing corporation, the following considerations may help you spend your advertising dollars wisely. All you need to do is look at companies like Oscar Meyer, Allstate, Hallmark and even the United States Army to recognize the benefits of advertising campaigns that outlast trends, and give your company brand recognition. The following ten advertising campaigns are no doubt familiar to you, and are a good inspiration when considering why you should mount your own advertising campaign that lasts.

1. Be all that you can be - U.S. Army

2. When you care enough to send the very best - Hallmark

3. You're in good hands - Allstate

4. I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner - Oscar Meyer

5. Snap, crackle, pop - Rice Crispies

6. Don't leave home without it - American Express

7. I want my MTV! - MTV

8. Reach out and touch someone - AT & T

9. Fly the friendly skies - United Airlines

10. Just do it - Nike

What these companies have in common is advertising longevity. With one concept they mounted years of advertising that built upon itself as recognition grew. So, what are the rewards of developing a durable, long-lasting advertising campaign?

1. Your advertising will assure brand recognition to the consumer. In the modern climate of business, without brand recognition you could be dead in the water. With the number of competitors who are selling the same wares as your company may be, or similar ones, what you need is brand recognition. By sticking with one advertising campaign that sticks your product, your name, or your service firmly in the mind of the targeted consumer you achieve brand recognition and keep your prospects aware of a name that stands for something.

2. Your advertising will be able to work over time. Many advertising campaigns fail because they are trendy, or are short-lived because no one bothered to see them through to a foreseeable end. By mounting a campaign with longevity, you allow it to not only stick in the minds of your prospects but also do so for a duration. If you have the goal of building a durable campaign on the way in, meeting that goal serves your purpose.

3. Your advertising will gain strength as time passes. Your prospective consumers will continue to recognize your brand; your message and they will absorb it and assimilate it the more they experience it. With advertising campaigns that last, you have the added benefit of becoming a part of the unconscious mind, where many purchase decisions are made. It's a lot easier as a consumer to spend your dollars on a brand you recognize than one you don't.

4. Your advertising is your strategy, and therefore a self-fulfilling prophecy for success/ If you start out with the goal of building on a brand recognition, even if you have existing advertising in place, you are self-perpetuating your company. Each new addition to the ad campaign builds on it. Think of your advertising campaign as a series of bricks and mortar, which you are placing on a strong foundation. Build a home for your consumers and they will have a comfortable place to come for your services, and products, even if that place rests only in their mind. Typically it is said that someone needs 7 exposures to a concept before they will remember it, so why not make each of those seven impressions build on one another by reaffirming your company in one well-targeted campaign.

5. Consistency nurtures confidence. This is a simple fact. People want what is familiar. By being consistent for the long haul you are proving reliability, dependability and consistency to your consumer. Even if you think your advertising campaign isn't the best, and seek to create a fresher appeal, build on that first campaign. This helps your consumers connect the past with the future and is an excellent way to integrate small changes in your advertising strategy.

6. Consistency saves money. Many advertising campaigns that fail do so because of monetary troubles. Either, the advertisers walk away from their initial investment and don't invest any further, or there are excess new advertising costs. Either is unappealing, and not at all cost effective for your campaign. Sticking with one name, one logo, one slogan keeps your costs down.

7. Consistency cuts down on copycats. Once you have staked your claim on a particular niche in your business or industry the likelihood of someone else snatching it up as their own advertising campaign lessens. Why? Because one you are established, all those copycat competitors are doing is advertising for you by reminding the consumer of your products and services.

8. Your longevity campaign will translate to any media. This is a perk for any company that designs an advertising campaign with longevity. Once you create brand recognition in your prospective consumers, you can gain a wider target audience by launching into additional media. A print campaign can move to radio or television, and your familiar slogan will still ring true. A television spot can be translated to an internet video and bring in new prospects this way. This last reason for creating an advertising campaign with longevity is perhaps the most overlooked by businesses, but is one of the most profitable ways to make change in your advertising campaign without changing it's success for you.

So, now you know why advertising campaigns that last are in your best interest, and you've looked to United Airlines, Rice Crispies, and American Express for inspiration on where to begin. What's stopping you? Be all that you can be - and design an advertising campaign that lasts!

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