How To Get Free Advertising For Your Small Business

This article suggests some methods for getting free advertisement for your small business.

So you've just started a small business. But you're faced with a common problem. You need to get the word out about your business to start making money, but you need money to start getting the word out about your business. Well, don't let this catch-22 keep you from fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream. There are many ways to get free advertising and coverage for your small business, and if you go about them the right way, you'll have customers lined up and sales piling up in no time flat.

Flyers: Flyers can bring in a significant amount of business, especially in a small town or in close-knit communities. First, make sure the design of your flyer is eye-catching. It should have your business's name in big bold letters, be easy to read even in passing, and it should include other ways to contact your business, such as a phone number, address, email address, or website. The poster should make it clear what product or service you are selling and why the customer should choose you - either lower prices, better quality, or faster service. Do not make your flyer all text. You should include pictures, photos, or other graphics to attract the viewer's interest. Next, decide where you want to post your flyers. Often, places with high pedestrian traffic are good starts, but be sure that you have chosen a location where putting up posters is acceptable. You do not want to start out on the wrong foot. Community bulletin boards near churches, supermarkets, or community centers are all good choices. Also, think about your target consumer and where they are likely to hang out.

Newspapers: Newspapers can be a great place for a small business to start advertising. Try the classified section of the local newspaper, which often lets you run small ads at no cost. Other local magazines, such as community papers or independent 'zines, usually have sections for people to post ads or services for free as well. If you can, try and get an ad that includes a small picture or graphic, as they are much more likely to be noticed and read. Be sure to include your phone number, website, and/or directions to your location so that interested people can get a hold of you.

Word of Mouth: Often overlooked, simple word of mouth can be a powerful way to get more customers and more coverage. This can be encouraged in several ways. First, offering discounts or free goods to people who bring in other customers is a great way to spread the word. People who have worked with your business in the past will have more incentive to tell others about it, resulting in a growing number of customers. Similarly, by calling up various other businesses or services who might be interested in your products, you can generate a large amount of business yourself without paying a magazine or advertising company to do it for you.

Website: A website is crucial for almost any small business, and nowadays it does not come with a large price tag. If you have your own computer and the time to design a website, you can have one for your company. Many online sites offer free or very cheap hosting options and may even help you sell your items or services for a small percentage of the profits. By using search tools and linking to sites that are similar to your own business, you can make many connections in the online community and begin selling and shipping all over the world. There are many places to advertise online, many free sites and bulletins, as well as other ads which only charge if people click on the link to your website.

These are just a few of the many options available for small businesses looking to generate more sales and more interest in their product. Today, medium and small businesses are in a great position to take advantage of the many forums and mediums such as print, internet, and simple word of mouth. So be creative and active, and soon you'll be getting the word out about your new business.

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