Advertising On A Tight Budget

Advertising on a tight budget. Free and nearly free ways to advertise on the net.

There are endless avenues of advertising on the internet, and I have checked out most of them, only to find out that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get really great exposure!

I am not only the subscriber to quite a few great ezines, or electronic magazines, but also publish one myself.

This is the very best medium I have found in almost two years of advertising. You can reach from hundreds to thousands of readers who are totally targeted (meaning wanting to see your product, service or program) for free or for a very small fee.

Almost all ezines are free and quite a few run free ads for their subscribers, either as a subscription bonus to gain members, as most do, or all of the time, as I do. Plus, usually higher up in the ezine there are paid ad spots, called feature or sponsor ads, which pretty much "top off" the issues. A lot of ezines also run what is called a "solo ad", as I do, and these are mailings of YOUR ad, all by itself with a disclaimer from the publisher for a very low cost to only targeted readers because they are already subscribing to the ezine your ad is sent out by!

There are other great means of advertising and I try each and every one I come across, but I must say that for your dollar, you can not do better than running ads in ezines.

Prices range from free, to $2 ads programs where you get your ad out to at least 5 ezines for only $2 each!

Some can be as much as $100 to reach 100,000 people, but since they are all targeted readers, the results are unlimited!

I suggest you try the free ads first and see how they work for you, plus which ad brings the best results and then slowly work your way up to the paid ads as you make progress with the free ones.

The next avenue I have come across to successfully gain exposure for my own products and services is what you are seeing here! If you are an expert in any category or at least know enough about the subject to make a readable contribution, write and submit articles to the ezines and web sites that want them. The guidelines are usually pretty much the same everywhere you submit:

Formatting, when asked for is generally for plain text, lines of no more than from 60 to 65 characters, counting spaces...

Content, something relevant to the medium the article is trying to reach. For example, if you are writing an article for Advertising Ideas for Webmasters, you would put down what you know about this subject and then submit your article to all of the marketing and advertising ezines and web masters you can find.

Resource box, to let the readers know a little about YOU and the business or product you offer that would fit in with their interest of your article. For example, I use different sig files, or signature boxes of text, depending on who I am writing TO and why. For this type of venture, I mention my name, email address and web site url, that I am a publisher of my own ezine and a marketer.

Mine for these looks like this:


Jan Tallent-Dandridge, Marketing Warrioress/Publisher

Charter Member of the International Council

of Online Professionals

Subscribe to my FREE Ezine and receive advertising

resources, software, tools and more FREE!


and goes out in all of my mail promoting my ezine.

My other suggested means of promotion that I highly recommend is ad swaps. These are becoming more and more popular as a way to get other people to run your ad for you in exchange for you running theirs!

I do lots of these in my ezine for an exchange of them running MY ad in theirs. Even if you do not HAVE an ezine, you can quite often work out a swap with the editors by offering to place a link to their ezine's home page on your web site if they will run a small ad for you that will be seen by all of their subscribers. I have done this myself for advertisers who have a product I think will be of interest to my readers, who are internet marketers and advertisers!

The number one word of advice I would give is to NOT EVER SEND SPAM, or un-asked for emails to try to sell your product or service! This is more and more of an issue and can not only get you a bad reputation and black-balled by responsible internet sources, but can get you shut down by your Internet Service Provider.

Spam is when you get someone's email address, either by harvesting it from their web site or a publication, buy a list of bulk addresses claiming to be "targeted", but which, in fact, are just stolen from many sources and then passed on for dishonest use, reply to every offer you recieve with your own offer, etc.

There are opt-in and safe lists available for free or a very small fee where everyone on the list has agreed to recieve your ads and sales messages as you agree to recieve theirs. This is the safest way to do business on the net. I not only belong to quite a few of these lists, but also have one of my own.

The last terrific advertising tool I suggest is to join every discussion list you can find on the subject(s) you have or want more knowledge about.

Do not send ADS to these people, this is a forum for batting around ideas, problems, ask for and receive tips and help, etc. but this can be a very valuable tool in getting your name recognized as either an expert or a good contributor and as you can use your sig file, like mine above, when you post to these discussion lists, your advertisement is right there for everyone to see and if they are interested in your offer they will go see it!

There are other free and low cost ways to advertise, but the ones I have mentioned here are the best I have found for ME and could be just right for you, too!

I wish you great success!

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