Advertising Tips For Your Business

Marketing your business is a non-stop endeavor that requires ongoing efforts to reach and saturate your target clients on a routine basis.

Most companies continue to search for low-cost ways to promote their business. Advertising or marketing efforts can take a variety of directions, so it's up to the savvy advertising representative in your company to find the best way of showcasing your product or services to the world.

But if you are a small business owner or work from home, you may be limited in terms of funding and marketing strategies to get your name and logo before thousands of potential customers. If so, you may want to consider some of these efficient ways of promoting your goods:

1. Send out press releases - Whenever your company changes in a noticeable way, such as hiring another employee or adopting a new product line, you will want to issue press releases to local and perhaps long-distance media. Download a press release template from one of the free Internet sites that explains how to do it. Then complete your press notice, and use a search engine to find email contact information for all the newspapers who want to receive it. Be sure to get the right person's name at the paper, such as the news editor or department chief. Target the papers that are likely to be read by those who may be interested in your services.

2. Print and distribute business cards - Carry a supply with you whenever you attend civic functions or public events. You never know when someone will ask, "So what do you do for a living?" Then you can excitedly explain what you do while handing the person a card for future reference (and business). Your card should include your company's name and line of business, as well as clear contact information with a person's name and title. Stick with neutral, solid colors as opposed to flashy neon shades.

3. Publish a newsletter or ezine - Offering a free monthly or quarterly two-pager provides a courtesy service that potential customers will appreciate. Include helpful tips related to your business. For example, if you are a pet groomer, publish short pieces like how to eliminate skunk scent or how to clean a cat's ears. Be sure your company's name, logo, hours of operation, and contact information are clearly visible and easy to find.

4. Distribute fliers or brochures at trade shows or community events - A county fair or local chamber of commerce event is a great place for making company materials available for quick pick-up on a table or display stand. Invest enough money to create a thoughtful, informational piece without making it gaudy or elaborate. Keep some in your car in case you run into strangers with whom you happen to get into a conversation.

5. Get involved with charity fundraisers - Offer to pick up or drop off donations at designated sites, or if you have office space, become a receiver for donated items. Your business could be listed in the newspaper or announced on the radio - think of the free publicity and good will that could be generated in the community! Don't forget to send out a press release when you contribute to charitable efforts.

There are many ways to attract advertising attention for your business. Make a list of possible avenues, and then get busy exploring them!

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