Advice On Comfortable Breast-Feeding Positions

Breast-feeding can be a wonderful experience for both mother and baby. Finding the most comfortable position for you and your baby is important. Here is some advice.

Most Doctors now recommend breastfeeding throughout the first year of a baby's life. It is believed that breastmilk is the most nuritious food for babies that there is. It not only provides the nourishment the baby needs, but it also provides antibodies to help boost the babies immune system. Being able to nurse through the first year often depends on how comfortable the woman is with breastfeeding. To make the experience more fulfilling and even easier for you, it is important to find a position that is most comfortable for you and your infant. There are a few different "holds" for breastfeeding. Try each one to find which works best for you.

The "Cradle" hold is done by holding the infant across your body so that he or she is facing the breast. Try to sit in a comfortable chair, and rest the elbow and back of the arm that is holding the infant's head on a pillow for the most comfort.

The "Football" hold is another common position. To try this, lay the baby, facing up, on a pillow at your side. Next, bring your arm underneath the baby with your hand resting on his or her head. The other hand can be used to hold the breast or to steady to the baby's mouth.

Lying down can be a very comfortable way to nurse your child. Lay on your side on a comfortable surface, such as a bed, with the baby facing you. Either have the baby on the bed or on a pillow, whichever feels better to you. Please be careful when using a pillow near an infant however, due to the risk of suffocation. When nursing an older baby, laying on your back with a few pillows behind your head and the baby across your body is very comfortable for some.

Finding the most comfortable breastfeeding position for you and your child can mean the difference between continuing throughout the first year and giving it up. Whichever position works best for you, rest assured that you are providing your child with the best food for him or her that there is.

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