Advice For A Garage Sale

Putting on a successful garage sale that is not only a money maker, but a social occasion as well.

I have just returned from a day of garage sales, and I can safely say that I was impressed with most of them. I have put on quite a few of these in my time, and I will share with you a few secrets to a profitable and pleasant experience.

First and formost, are the signs that will direct people to your event. They must be legible and easy to read from a car, explicit as far as directions, and must be removed as soon as your sale is over with. The first look that people get as they approach your driveway or yard should be one of neatnes and organization. No clothes thrown on the ground, boxes scattered every which way, small children and pets running all over. It is necessary to have things in order. It only takes a bit of time to put books together and to have glassware (clean) in its own section. Clothes should be on hangers and also clean. A friend of mine, who gives sales regularly, uses an old dress rack she got for a few dollars at a dress shop that was going out of business. Big items, such as furniture, should be well displayed, clean, and some times a coat of polish helps. There should be a table for odds and ends, and one for seasonable items, such as Christmas, Easter etc. Shoes can be displayed along the edge of the driveway, but remember they should be in fairly good shape, or throw them out! Kitchen goods sell very well, but make sure all the appliances work and have a place to try them out so the customer will be satisfied. There can also be an area for plants and garden tools. Baby items are big sellers, and again, they should be clean and in fairly good shape. In today's age, people are looking for computers and VCRs, an extra TV for the kids' room, video games, and as school approaches, back packs. Other people collect the old stuff{old lunch boxes}books and jewelry. The possibilities are endless and if you look around, you cam find all sorts of things! Just remember, most people won't stop at a junkpile, so don't have one in your yard. Good luck!!!

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