Advice On Legal Secretary Training

Advice on legal secretary training and getting started. You do not have to go to school to become a legal secretary.

Breaking into the legal secretary market is not as hard a task as some might think. As long as you have the basic secretarial skills under your belt, the other skills can be acquired on the job. However, you should at least already be proficient in typing, computer programs and word processing. Your responsibilities as a legal secretary will vary but will most likely include typing, word processing, communicating with clients, schedule maintenance, transcription, faxing, photocopying, filing, and legal document preparation.

There are many books at the library that you can check out for free to familiarize yourself with legal documents. You will not need to know the purpose of each document right away, this is something you will learn as you go. Most attorneys do not prepare all their documents exactly the same anyway, but follow a similar outline. However, you should know the proper names for most of them so when your attorney tells you he wants you to prepare a "Subpoena" you will know what one looks like and how it is set up. You will also want to get yourself a good dictionary with legal terms until you become familiarized with the proper pronunciation and spelling of legal terminology. Being a legal secretary should not be confused with a paralegal. These are two entirely different careers. Generally, a paralegal must hold a degree and involves much research for the attorneys.

A legal secretary should also pay attention to detail, have good proof-reading skills, be efficient, patient, and able to handle multiple tasks at once. It does not hurt to be good at bending the truth either, as there will be many times when your attorney has left for the day to go golfing, and you are left to inform clients that he is "in court" or "in a meeting". In other words, if morals are high on your list, you may want to choose another career choice.

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