Advice And Reviews: Choosing A New Rotisserie Oven

Choosing a Rotisserie Oven for home use can be a somewhat daunting task. Here is some advice and tips to make this process much simpler.

How to choose a rotisserie oven?

There are numerous options in the stores, so many makes and models available that it seems impossible to make the right choice. Take a little time and ask yourself the following questions.

1. How often will I use my new rotisserie oven?

Think realistically here, once or twice per week, or once or twice per year? The frequency of use determines many things- size, storage space, ease of cleaning etc.

2. How much space do I want to give up?

If you will use the rotisserie oven often will you want to leave it out on the counter? If so, how much counter space do you have available? If not, do you have adequate storage space in your cabinets or a pantry closet that is convenient to get to? Once you have a general idea of how much space you have for the machine you will be able to determine a size range for it.

3. How much food do I want to cook?

Are your intentions to cook a 15 pound turkey or a 4 pound chicken? Different models have different capacities. Consider your expectations for the foods you will cook in your rotisserie oven.

4. How difficult is clean-up?

Do you want dishwasher safe or detachable parts? No matter how delicious the meals are that you prepare using your rotisserie oven, if it is time consuming and inconvenient to clean after use, you will find that eventually you won't use it anymore.

5. How much money do I want to spend?

Have a price range in mind that you are willing to spend. This will help narrow your choices.

Once you have your answers in mind for the above five questions its time to hit the stores. Following are some points to consider when in the stores.

1. Is this a trusted brand?

Well-known name brands are more likely to have better warranties, and in general be a better product. The build will be better, and materials sturdier. You can also be assured that with a name brand, the product has been thoroughly tested. This is not to say that some of the lesser known brands aren't quality machines, but if you have never owned a rotisserie oven before you will have less knowledge of what problems can arise. With out the knowledge of problems that can occur it is hard to thoroughly inspect these models.

2. What kind of warranty is offered?

In the event that the machine malfunctions you want to have the insurance of getting it replaced, or having your money returned to you. Look for the longest warranty that is offered, and don't pay extra for it. The manufacturer should be confident enough of their product to provide you with a free warranty for a certain period of time.

3. What is your store's return policy?

Some store's policies are very strict, and some are not. Be sure you have a clear understanding of the rules for returning a product like this. If you should open up the box and pieces are missing, you should be able to return it at least for an exchange, if not for refund. Some stores may even take it back for refund or exchange after you have used the machine once or twice if it has malfunctioned, or sometimes even if it was just not what you expected. Keep in mind, while some stores will accept merchandise back for the reasons just described, they are few and far between, so don't count on a "free trial".

Look for quality materials and build. You will want a sturdy, durable machine that will last. Compare warranties, and check your store's return policy. Consider how much you will use your new rotisserie oven, the space available in your kitchen and what kind of capacity you would like the oven to have. If all of these points are taken into consideration you should end up with a quality rotisserie oven that will give you delicious meals and one you will use again and again.

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