What Is Your Advice On Window Treatment Budgets?

What is your advice on window treatment budgets? Spending money in the rooms where the most time is spent is an ideal way to plan a window treatment budget. Similarly to what I do in my own home when I am...

Similarly to what I do in my own home when I am spending my money, I try to put myself in their shoes, I say spend your money on the rooms that you are going to be in. A lot of people tell me that they want shutters. Shutters are very expensive. But they will start by saying they want shutters everywhere and lot of people just cannot afford that simply because they are so expensive. My advice would be to ask them what rooms are you going to be spending the most time in and plan to spend your money, the bulk of your money, in those rooms. We do that so often when people are doing their privacy treatments and we go back and do it when they are doing their decorative treatments as well. Sometimes it's nice to really pull out the money and put nice panels and a valance across the top downstairs, but upstairs, sometimes we can even use ready-mades in those secondary bedrooms.

The basic thing is just to use your money where you are going to be spending your time. I can tell them, because I've been doing this for a while, the decorative treatments they typically run about $175 for one and panels usually run about $400 per panel. It's custom. It's not something you are going to be able to go and buy over at a discount retail store or anything like that. They get to choose their fabric. They get to choose their design, its total choice. I always ask people when they call to set up an appointment; I ask them have you done custom window treatments before? Some have, some haven't, and it quickly helps them get in their mind what kind of a process they are getting ready to undertake.

Before I come out to an appointment, I send out a homeowners guide that tells them what they need to do before I come out and what they need to think about before I come out. In other words "what are we going to be doing in this room, or what do you want to do in this room." Are we trying to block out the view or keep the view? Once those questions are answered, I can kind of steer them into the right product. So I am very cognizant. I don't always suggest the most expensive products or products that are out of the homeowners range.

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