Advice For Women With A Cheating Boyfriend

How to recognize a boyfiend when he is cheating on you and the decision you have to make about the relationship.

A good saying in life is "Look and Listen." By looking at your boyfriend actions with you and listening to what he is saying to you, will let you know if he's cheating. When a woman is with a cheating man or she suspect her boyfriend is cheating, all she has to do is look and listen and she'll have her answer. People tell you and show you who they are all the time. You must pay attention to what is going on around you. Listen to everything he is saying to you and not let it go into one ear and out the other. Men and people in general, tend to tell you what's going on with them and what they are really doing, we're the ones who tend to ignore it. Action speaks louder than any words, if you look at how a man act toward you, you will know what he is doing. Really looking at him and his actions will tell you exactly where you stand with him.

The most important step a woman can do with a cheating boyfriend is accepting it. Accept that he is with someone else besides you. You can't make a decision if you don't accept he's cheating. Sometimes when we, as women, are in love, we become blind to who men really are and what they are doing. Acceptance is your first step. Being blind to the situation is not going to make it go away.

Once you have accepted your boyfriend is cheating on you, don't blame yourself. We start feeling like we've did something wrong. We, the woman, loose our self-esteem because this person is seeing and being with someone else. We start tearing ourselves apart trying to figure out what's wrong with us or what we did wrong in the relationship. You first have to accept there is nothing wrong with you. You are the same person, this person wanted to be with in the beginning. Can you change during a relationship with someone? Yes you can. And sometimes you do. This is when you have out-grown your boyfriend. Your life might be going in a different direction from when you first met. Sometimes the man can't accept or like the direction you're going in and that will make him cheat. You are the one who need to decide if you like the new direction of your life and that's the way you want it to be. The main thing is do not blame yourself for a cheating man.

What do you do about a cheating boyfriend? You have two choices: leave or stay. If you decide to stay with your cheating boyfriend, accept that's who he is. Nothing you can say or do will change that. Don't live your life in denial that he will stop cheating. If you have accepted him with his cheating ways, then he has accepted, that you have accepted him, so therefore he will continue cheating on you. It's your choice if you want to live like that. If you decide to leave, then do that, just leave. If you have accepted that he cheats and you do not want to be with someone like that, get out of the relationship. This person can't give you what you want and when it comes to your life, it's all about you. You have the right to not accept a boyfriend cheating on you.

A woman with a cheating boyfriend is a life that only you can decide that's what you want in your life. Life is too short and is not a dress rehearsal, so you have to decide exactly how and with whom you want to share your life with. Looking and Listening is a start when dealing with a cheating man, and then you have to make a decision.

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