Aerial Photography: Hints, Tips, And Equipment

Learn about equipment for aerial photography while getting tips and hints about the equipment and the photographing.

Aerial photography is enjoyed by many people as a hobby or as a form of work. When shooting aerial photography it is important to have a number of things in place. These can include your equipment along with hints and tips.

The first piece of equipment needed when shooting is an aerial camera for the job. Such cameras could include a Leica PTW30 with a 6-inch cone or a Wild RC 10 with an 8.25-inch cone. There are more aerial cameras on the market, so make sure to shop around and do your research to find the one that is just right for you, your budget, and your goal with the photographs.

You will also need a mounting system for your camera. You want to system to be stabilized in order to reduce shaking or vibrating from the transportation device. A Zeiss RMKTOP 15/23 Gyro Stabilized Mounting System can be used along with the camera of your choice. You may also want to include a GPS Navigation Positioning System depending on the job and your budget.

Make sure to really do your research on all the different types of cameras, mounting systems, and GPS Navigation Positioning Systems that are available out there before deciding which is right for you. If you wish to save time, it would be wise to read about certain equipment at the library, in magazines, or on the Internet before deciding to go take a look in the store. This way you will have a good idea on what exactly you are looking for, which will help the store workers help you better.

When taking aerial photos it is important to keep your main goal in mind. It is important to have the right transportation for your shots. Many ways of transportation include helicopters, airplanes, blimps, gliders, and more recently kites. Choose your mode of transportation depending on your budget and the extent of the job that you will be doing. If you are taking pictures for a hobby, you may want to start out with a kite. If you are taking pictures for a job or with great accuracy you may want to try a helicopter.

It is very important for the camera to be free of vibration and movement from the transportation device while shooting. This is why a mounting system is so important. In order to get the best pictures, you want to be free of anything that might mess it up. Make sure that you have your mounting system set up correctly before trying to take the shots. Without the correct setup, you could be left without any good pictures and over budget.

If you are taking pictures by using a kite, it may be helpful to get a second person to help you with the mounting of the camera. This allows you to be able to mount your equipment, fly the kite, and take the pictures without having to worry about all of it at the same time. Partners in these cases are definitely a good idea.

When taking aerial photos it is important to have the right equipment and to make sure that you are taking full advantage of all the tricks of coming out with the best pictures that you can possibly get.

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