How To Find Affordable Child Health Insurance

Learn how and where to find affordable health insurance for your child.

From the day a child is born, he or she needs medical care from that time forward, throughout the rest of their life. In a perfect world, one of the child's parents have a fulltime job and affordable healthcare insurance for the entire family is one of the benefits.

However, in the real world, both parents have to work fulltime jobs away from home in order to try and make both ends meet. And in the real world, an estimated fifty million Americans are employed at jobs that don't offer health insurance for them and their family. American children who are covered under no health insurance at all is an estimated twelve percent of the young population. That percentage equals out to be approximately one in every seven children.

If your child is included in one of those millions, you are probably wondering how you can find affordable health care insurance for them. If your family is considered to be "low income", you can contact a Medicaid office to see if your child qualifies to receive free health insurance. The guidelines differ from state to state, so there are no exact rules to go by. As an example, though, some states offer the program to children whose family's income are either at or below one hundred and fifty percent of the federal poverty level.

If Medicaid is not an option for your child, each state in the United States is beginning their own Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). The purpose of CHIP is to provide health insurance to children whose parents aren't covered at their place of employment. And, this program is also for parents who cannot afford to outright purchase insurance for their children who are nineteen years of age and younger. For more information about CHIP, contact the agency in your state that handles it. To find out their contact information, as well as details about your state's specific guidelines, you can perform a search on any search engine on the Internet. Simply key in, "(The name of your state) and Children's Health Insurance Program" into your favorite search engine.

In the meantime, while you are searching for free or low cost insurance coverage for your son or daughter, you can utilize your local health department and free or lowcost clinics around your neighborhood. If your child needs immunizations and other minor health care, these institutions often offer their medical services on a sliding scale. This means, that you pay the bill according to your household income .

On the other hand, if you and/or your spouse earn too much money so your child doesn't qualify for Medicaid or CHIP, you'll have to begin your own search for health insurance you can afford.

Start by asking friends, relatives, and neighbors who don't have family health insurance, what company they have a policy with to insure their children. You can also perform a search on the Internet and inquire at your local public library.

And finally, in order to find the most affordable health insurance, you should strive to keep your children as healthy as they possibly can be. This means, that you should try to maintain their proper weight in accordance to their age and height. Encourage them to eat healthy meals and snacks, and to exercise regularly too.

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