Affordable Infant Clothing

Affordable baby clothes are a necessity when your little one is growing so quickly. Follow these guidelines to find cute infant clothing at discount prices.

When your little one is outgrowing outfits every few months, affordable baby clothing becomes a necessity. Finding cute clothes at reasonable prices is not impossible if you follow these guidelines.

Shop With A Plan

Before you go out on a baby clothes shopping spree, determine what your child already has and what they will need in the future. If you have received many clothes as gifts or hand-me-downs, sort through them now by size. After you have an idea of what you have, make a list of the number of basic clothing items, such as onesies, sleepwear, and playwear, for each size that your child will need. Take your list whenever you go shopping and stock up on items when you see a good price on them.

Expand Your Shopping Network

Friends and family can also be a part of your shopping network. Ask them to watch for sales on baby clothes, especially clothes that are on your list. Even if your friends and family are across the country, if they hear of a sale at a chain store, your local chain store will probably have the same clothes on sale.

Hunt For Discounts

With your clothing list in hand, begin shopping consignment shops for name brand clothing at steep discounts. Most stores are particular about the condition of items they will accept, so clothes are usually in new to almost new condition. The Internet auction sites have become a popular place to sell children's clothing as well. Many sellers sell items in a grouping according to size. Also, hunt for clothing at garage sales in the better parts of town. Most people just want to get rid of the clothing, so make an offer if you think the price is too high.

Sign Up For Deals

Even if you are done having showers for your baby, sign up for baby registry lists where they are offered. When you register, you will be on a mailing list to receive advanced notices of sales and coupons. If an infant clothing store does not have a registry, ask when they typically have sales and to be on their mailing list to receive special offers.

Shopping Strategies

Retail stores can also be a source of affordable baby clothes if you know when to shop. Retail stores bring in new groups of clothes on a monthly basis. They time their groups to go on clearance about a month into the season. For instance, summer short-sleeve shirts and shorts will go on clearance at the end of June and into July. Winter items will be on clearance the end of December and into January. While many of these groups will have seasonal items, they will also have your basic knit shirts and pants that can be worn throughout the year. Sleepwear only goes on clearance during January and July as stores change between heavy and lightweight pajamas. Use your list as a guide when you peruse the clearance racks.

Large retail stores also carry in-store brands that are usually made by the same companies that make brand name clothing, but at a lower price. In-store clothing typical consists of basic baby wardrobe items, such as, knit shirts and pants that are great to stock up on.

Next time your baby needs larger sizes, remember that with a few simple strategies, you can find affordable baby clothing.

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