Affordable Wedding Invitations

Looking to fund your nuptials on a budget? Here are some tips for finding, designing, or creating affordable wedding invitations.

Past generations of engaged couples used to announce their wedding plans to the church congregation at large. Since everyone attended worship services each week, they would learn of the impending ceremony through literal word of mouth.

In the 20th century a wedding cult emerged in the middle class to celebrate a couple's marriage with elaborate trappings and ornate festivities. This, of course, led to rather large expenses that sometimes ran into the thousands of dollars.

While that trend remains alive and active in some social groups, a more economic trend has emerged as an alternative approach to planning a wedding. Some couples opt for a quieter, more informal celebration. The money they save then can be spent on a down payment for a home or a housekeeping need.

One of the ways to save money while planning a wedding is to utilize low-budget invitations. While it has become a fixed tradition to mail a print invitation to family and friends, these can be purchased or made in a number of cost-effective ways that will save the engaged couple hundreds of dollars.

1. Shop discount stores. Dollar stores that have supplanted the old five and dime department store are springing up all over the place. Most have a fair supply of greeting cards, and some have packaged wedding invitations. Keep an eye out for these when you visit the store in the months before your wedding.

2. Look for discontinued stock. Bookstores sometimes offer packaged invitations or even custom designs at a discount when the line is scheduled to stop being produced. Ask your local bookstore or card shop if they have anything like this available.

3. Ask family to help. Your relatives and friends may come across reduced or inexpensive invitations that they can let you know about or pick up for you. The old saying "two heads are better than one" can be multiplied to include several interested family members from both bride and groom's relatives. A talented family member with computer design or graphic design skills may be able to create an attractive but inexpensive invitation as a wedding gift or at a low cost.

4. Visit a printer. The neighborhood print shop may have an unfinished order of invitations or basic forms that can be inexpensively completed for you at a relatively low price. If not, he or she may be able to recommend a wholesale outlet where you can purchase attractive card stock for making your own invitations.

5. Consider making your own invitations. Experiment with computer programs to see if you can make an invitation that reflects the mood of your wedding theme. Search online to visit sites that feature custom design printing supplies or free templates that may be useful. If nothing else, you can get some creative ideas.

Invitations need not cost an arm and a leg. While a needful part of the wedding plan, they are not the most important part. So start well in advance of your happy day to explore various options for creating a lovely but affordable invitation to commemorate your pending marriage.

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