African American Family Reunion Ideas: Fun Tips For Black Families

Some fun activities to try at your next family reunion, especially suited for African American families.

Family reunions are a time to enjoy being around other family members, young and old.It is a way of sharing and preserving family history and a way of establishing and reconnecting with others.So, this article will contain suggestions for African Americans to have a fun and memorable reunion. To accomplish this feat, there would be ongoing activities for the day.

Since history is a significant part of passing on information, every family that will be present could contribute toward a display that would capture the timeline of history - past and present.In displaying the past history, there could be pictures/photos of ancestors with their names captioned.And the same idea works with displaying the present history - pictures/photos of current family members and recently deceased ones.

Another way of having everyone involved is to make a quilt of the occasion that could be passed from family to family or given to the oldest person as a present.Every family group could bring a designated size of material with the idea of the reunion painted, sewn, printed, etc. on it or something that is exclusive to that family - birth of a baby, graduation, degrees, etc. on theirs.The quilt could be pinned how each piece will be placed.Throughout the day, people could come and rearrange the pieces how they would like to see it completed.However, the ultimate finish look would be determined by the organizer of the reunion.

A third idea is to have a puzzle that could be put together that shows the reunion.Again, everyone could be involved in putting the puzzle together by putting a piece or two in place.The finished product -framed- could be given to the youngest married couple.

Another thought is to have the youth/teens put on a play that is chosen or written by them with members of the cast being aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews.It would be an excellent way of encouraging and recognizing the youth in the families.At another time during the day, there could be a story-telling time by older family members for the younger ones.This could become a traditional event at each family reunion.

There could be tables set up for all to enjoy board games like Mancala, Monopoly, Scrabble, Upwords, Taboo, Checkers, etc. and an area for yard games like the potato sack race, the egg race, and the horsehoe contest.Also, there could be a table for kids to make crafts, jewelry, draw pictures, or blow bubbles. And just for pure fun, everyone could have a jelly bean guess with a prize to win, such as a gift certificate for a soul food restaurant or a T-shirt that reflects African American history.

As reunions go, there would be all kinds of favorite dishes and desserts either catered or supplied by each family group.And of course, the background sounds would be an array of music for all the generations - jazz, blues, oldies (50's, 60's, 70's), classical, soft R&B, and gospel.

In thinking this through, I believe that the planning and organizing of the reunion could be memorable to all involved.In building relationships, there will be, I'm sure, laughter and tears, smiles and frowns, disappointing and joyous moments.

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