The Best African American Skin Care Products

Finding skin car products for African-American skin is easier than ever before. There are lots of products to choose from for both women and men, that can provide moisture balance, oil control and even blemish reduction on African-American skin.

Since African-American facial skin tends to be more oily, foaming or milk cleansers are best to remove dirt and oil while retaining moisture. For dryer skin, products containing soy proteins, or natural moisturizers like shea butter or aloe vera can provide the skin with more elasticity, and even protect the face in colder weather. And, since African-American skin (men and women) tends to blemish easily, cocoa butter, and exfoliation products, like glycolic or citrus acid will help to remove dead skin cells and keep bacteria off of the face.

Black Opal, and African-American skin care line for all varieties of Black skin, has products for oily, dry and combination skin that can help to maintain a healthy complexion in every kind of weather. The Blemish Control products include a complexion bar that unclogs pores and reduces oil production, astringent to control breakouts and improve the clarity of the skin, and blemish control gel to use at night for acne scars and breakout prevention. Black Opal products can be found in most drug stores, and prices for these products range between $5-15 dollars. It usually takes a few weeks to see results from these products;the Black Opal line is ideal for African-American women with combination or oily skin, and can even be used to manage moderate acne.

A slightly more upscale line, L'Occitane en Provence, has skin care products for African-Americans as well. These products are made from all natural ingredients, and are ideal for sensitive skin. Not only does L'Occitane en Provence sell facial products, body washes and moisturizers, and even scents for the home. Facial skin care products include Honey Harvest Comfort Cleansing Fluid for sensitive skin, Immortelle, an anti-agin soap to help maintain the skin's pH balance,and Shea Butter extra-moisturizing Cold Cream for combination or dry skin to remove makeup, and is even gentle enough to use on babies.

For products that address specific skin problems, such as stretch marks or uneven skin tone, products with cocoa butter or hydroquanine are best. Ambi, a skin lighting cream used to eliminate blemishes and even the tone of African-American skin (especially after exposure to the sun) can be found at all major drug and grocery stores. Ambi has also created a body wash and complexion bar soap for both women and men.Palmer's cocoa butter products have been proven to remove stretch marks and prevent new ones from forming by properly moisturizing and protecting the skin. In addition to cocoa butter lotions and creams, Palmer's also has a body wash and complexion balancing bar for facial and body cleansing.

If you want to know more about African-American skin care products, or where you can find them, there are plenty of private vendors in local health food stores and online. And, for all- natural skin care you can use at home that will work wonders on African-American skin, exfoliating the body with products like olive oil and sea salt, or using cucumber and oatmeal masks to add clarity to your skin will work well in conjunction with the products listed above.

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