At What Age Should Children Go To The Dentist?

What age should you start taking your child to the dentist for preventing future dental problems? Read to find out this frequently asked question.

Already at the age of three your child has a beautiful smile. You want to make sure they keep that smile for life. Going to the dentist can often be the most dreaded thing to do in the world for some people. But in order to have and keep a beautiful smile everyone needs dental care. When is the best time to start taking your child to the dentist for dental care so they will develop a comfort zone with their dentist?

Around the age of three or four is a good time to start taking your child to the dentist, although some recommend children see the dentist as early as a year old. Of course they won't actually need much dental care then, it's more to get them comfortable with the environment. At that age, your child won't have their permanent teeth in yet, so they won't need the routine dental care as a adult or a older child would need. They do need to have an examination to see how their permanent teeth are growing in. You want them to start going to the dentist at a young age to get them used to the process, since they will go in for their six month check-ups twice a year as they get older. Most of the time the fear of going to the dentist comes from people waiting to go until they are in pain and then are forced to see the dentist. You want to start taking your child before that happens for several reasons. First, if they go at a early age they will be used to going to the dentist and will know what to expect. Also, if you start taking them in at a early age it will prevent dental problems in the future. Your dentist will be able to monitor your child's teeth as they grow in.

If you start taking your child to the dentist at a early age, they won't have a fear of going to the dentist in the future. Fear comes from not knowing about something or not having done something before. Don't let your child have that fear of going to the dentist; you can start teaching them at an early age about the dentist and the care they will give their teeth to keep them healthy. Start getting them used to a dentist and understanding that they will need to go the dentist for a routine dental check-ups for the rest of their lives. Your child and the dentist can get to know each other and develop a life long relationship.

You want to keep that beautiful smile you had at the age of three for life. The best way to do that is start right now building a relationship with your dentist and going in regular for check-ups to keep that beautiful smile.

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