All About Air Stocking Products

Air Stocking was created by Yoshiumi Hamada. His product is a silk aerosol spray. When sprayed on the legs, it creates the illusion of pantyhose.

Air Stocking is a unique aerosol spray, composed of fine silk particles. When sprayed directly onto the legs, the product's warm brown tones and shine imitate the look of pantyhose.

Air Stocking was created by Japanese inventor Yoshiumi Hamada. He came up with the idea after speaking with an employee of the women's swimwear shop below his office. She wished that she didn't have to wear uncomfortable pantyhose during the summer. This is a popular concern for women who want the professional look of hose for business, formal, and casual dress. Air Stocking also provides an instantly even skin tone. Air Stocking has the look of pantyhose without the price, discomfort, snags, and ladders of an actual pair of hosiery.

From a distance, Air Stocking does look like hosiery; however, this illusion is not the product's main focus. Air Stocking createsthe look of a healthy, perfectly even skin tone within the three minutes that it takes the silk spray to dry on the skin. It covers up varicose veins, birth marks, blemishes, and bruises. Air Stocking is the aerosol equivalent of foundation makeup for the legs. When compared to instant tan products, Air Stocking stands out because of it's unique silky shimmer. It also contains skin-improving ingredients, and SPF protection.

So, what are the details? Lets take a closer look at Air Stocking: The product is a hydrolized fine silk spray, available in several shades, ranging from nude to cocoa to jewel shimmer. One bottle contains about 20 pairs of stockings. It is waterproof, and washes off with soap, water, and a little bit of scrubbing.

Air Stocking is applied by shaking the can vertically 10 times, holding 20 centimeters away from skin, and spraying in short circles, no less than 2 seconds, and no more than 5. The product is then massaged into the skin for even coverage. It takes 3 minutes to dry. The key to applying Air Stocking properly is to spray on just enough, and not too much. While it is wet, it can stain clothing, but after it dries, it does not rub off.

Air Stocking should not be applied if the skin is cut, irritated, or inflamed. It is allergy tested, and not safe for use by everyone.

There are currently 4 Air Stocking products available:

Premiere Silk - This is the first Air Stocking product, available in terra cotta, bronze, cocoa, and jewel shimmer. Premiere Silk also includes caffeine to treat cellulite, green tea extract to firm the skin, moisturizers that hydrate the skin, and SPF to protect skin from the sun's rays.

Perfect Fit - New and improved formula, aimed at younger girls. Available in Natural beige, terra cotta, and bronze. Perfect Fit also contains SPF.

Air Stocking For Body - This lotion comes in nude beige, and isfor application to the entire body. Contains SPF to protect skin.

Air Stocking Night Socks - This product is an evening massage lotion for the legs. It contains natural plant extracts that hydrate and firm the skin. Night Socks has a lavender scent.

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