What Is Alkyd Paint?

What are alkyd paints, what can they be used for, and what are some of their advantages.

Painting is a chore that is common in many different aspects of life. Whether you own your own home and are doing some things around the house or whether you paint as a hobby will all determine the type of paint that you will use. Each type of project has a different type of paint to use. One such type of paint is known as alkyd paint.

What exactly is alkyd paint you may ask? Alkyd paint is probably the most well known type of oil paint available on the market. The word alkyd actually refers to the synthetic resin used as a binder in the paint. This would be the oil in the paint, most commonly vegetable oil. Alkyd paints also come in a wide variety of finishes making it ideal for multiple different projects.

Alkyd paint is very resistant to normal wear and tear. Thus, this type of paint is used commonly in "high traffic" type areas. This would include doors and trim within a home and also items that would need painting in the kitchen and bathroom such as cabinets. The alkyd paint will hold up to all the abuses that may come its way.

Alkyd paints are also used by artists when painting oil paintings. They are able to be thinned if the painter so desires and are also compatible with other oil based paints giving the artist more freedom of choice. Some types of alkyd paints also dry slower than others which is an advantage to some artists while working on their paintings.

Some types of alkyd paint are also weather resistant. This makes them an excellent option to use when painting an object that is likely to be kept outdoors. This would include bird houses, bird feeders, and wooden benches and other lawn furniture. The alkyd paint will hold up under rain and snow and will not crack or peel in cold temperatures either.

Alkyd paints are also a safer oil-based paint to use if there are children in the home. This is because they are far less toxic than other oil-based paints. They do, however, take longer to dry, often times up to 24 hours. This allows for more flexibility for the artist, but if there are children present, it could pose an issue there.

Alkyds are also a good choice for painting the exterior of a home. This is due to its weather resistance and also its durability overall. Alkyds also have the ability to paint over other unknown types of paint so there would be no need to strip off the old layers of paint prior to painting.

One of the disadvantages of alkyd paint, though, is that they do not hold their pigment well. Thus, the colors will not be as saturated to begin with. This will cause an artist or painter to choose paler colors or even to stick with whites.

Choosing the right type of paint for the job can be a very tricky task. Using alkyds is almost always a perfect option whether you wish to paint your entire house, the cabinets in the bathroom, or just creating that perfect piece of artwork. The many advantages of alkyd paints far outweigh any minor disadvantages there may be.

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