Alternative Lifestyle Weddings: Planning A Tasteful Nudist Wedding

The many factors to consider when planning a nudist wedding.


Unless both you and your husband were raised as nudists, then you are likely to encounter some adversity from your families about opting for a nudist wedding.Do you really want your grandmother to see you, your future husband, and all of your friends naked?Are you prepared for the possibility of getting many guests that decline the invitation?If you and your fiancé and committed to a nudist lifestyle, and it is very important to you to exchange your vows in the nude, then you have to make your dream come true.This is your day, and it should be exactly the way you want it to be.However, make sure this is really your dream.Will it bother you not to have a full-skirted white wedding dress?If your families are not supportive of your decision, do you feel comfortable getting married without them present?You have to decide as a couple whether or not you really want a nudist wedding, and that you can handle the consequences.


If you are having a nudist wedding, you have to be realistic, and understand that not everyone is going to see it as a beautiful and natural way to celebrate your union.Some people will find it offensive, some will find it funny, and some will find it as beautiful as you two do.You should only invite people who know you or your fiancé know well.You should not invite anyone who you are worried will make you feel like you are a circus side show on the most monumental day of your lives.Also, you should not invite children unless they are they are part of a nudist family.Other children are unlikely to have the maturity to adjust to the nudist environment, and they will be either giggling uncontrollably or feeling very awkward.If you invite a single person, you do not need to include an "and guest" if you are worried that they will bring someone who will not appreciate the manner in which you have chosen to celebrate your wedding.Your day will be much more meaningful if you are sharing it with people who love and respect you.It's quality of your guests, not the quantity, which really makes a wonderful wedding.


Be sure to visit several possible venues for your wedding ceremony and reception.There are many locations that will be able to accommodate both the ceremony and the reception, and that way you won't have to worry about transportation (naked) from one place to another.Try to find a location that caters to only one wedding at a time.Make sure that you and your guests will have privacy, and that the staff is comfortable with the nudity.Many nudist weddings are held within the limits of a nudist colony, and there are some absolutely gorgeous nudist resorts to choose from.There are even some nudist churches, if you want a more traditional ceremony.


Finding a photographer that is right for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make in your planning.Ask to see samples of his work, and make sure that he has experience with nudes.Also, make sure that he is trustworthy and that he will be respectful of you and your guests being naked.Some of your guests might not want their pictures taken if they have opted to come nude, so it might be a good idea to take the pictures with you and your wedding party before the ceremony or between the ceremony and reception.


The last thing you want to do is to have your guests be surprised to find out that you are having a nudist wedding once they arrive at the ceremony.When you send out your invitations, make it very clear that you are having a nudist wedding.Also, some people will be wondering if you would be offended if they came, but opted to wear some clothing.You should permit your guests to come with or without clothes, just as long as they are not passing judgment on you or any of your other guests who will be nude.There are many people who are not offended by nudity in the least, but they prefer not to bare it all themselves.

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