Alternatives To Wedding Gowns For Less Than 75$

Want to get married without going broke? Consider these alternatives to traditional wedding gowns that can cost less than $75.

Dressing up for your wedding day doesn't have to cost a fortune.In fact, you can be downright thrifty while still looking classy on the big day.You may have to let go of traditional notions of what a wedding gown should be, but you can find a suitable alternative no matter what your style.

Prom dresses - Prom dresses are an intermediate step between spending hundreds of dollars on a wedding gown and exercising your less formal options.You don't have to completely give up your dreams of flowing skirts and white netting; you just have to expand your search.You can find prom dresses in many different styles, and in any color, including white.Be warned, though, that some designer prom dresses can be just as expensive as a wedding gown.Your most economical choices will be found in the mall at department stores and in stores that specialize in clothes for juniors.

While prom dress gives a general idea of the style of dress you're looking for, you can also find similar formalwear in stores in the fall, as schools get ready for semi-formal homecoming dances and in early winter, as stores stock dresses intended for holiday parties.It's also a good idea to check stores immediately after the prom, homecoming and holiday party seasons for great clearance deals.

Suits - Suits have long been a popular choice among women getting married for a second time.But who says you can't wear a suit whether it's your first or fourth marriage?Whether you choose pants or a skirt, a simple suit will give you a classic look.Choose the right ensemble, and you'll have added another piece to your everyday wardrobe.

Themed clothing - If you plan your wedding around a central theme, wearing a theme-appropriate outfit will be much cheaper than wearing a formal wedding gown and much more fun.One popular wedding theme is a medieval/Renaissance setting.You should be able to rent a medieval dress from a costume shop or a local theater for a reasonable price, as long as your wedding doesn't take place too close to Halloween or the local Renaissance fair.If you already frequent medieval festivals, you may have just the right dress in your closet, or you could purchase one that you know will be reused.

If you're the casual sort, another potential theme is a beach/luau wedding.Get married on the sand, and wear a tasteful bathing suit with a beautiful sarong cover-up.Western weddings are another more casual option, and denim and gingham will always be cheaper than satin and lace.

"Mother-of-the-bride" dresses - With the number of marriages happening later in life, whether because of divorce, death or simply waiting a little longer for your special someone, these dresses are the perfect option for a more mature bride.You can choose an understated or flashy style, depending on the statement you want to make.

Whatever option you choose, the most important thing is to wear something that you feel comfortable in and that fits your style.Every bride looks beautiful on her wedding day, but not every bride can enjoy knowing that she didn't break the bank to achieve that look.

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