What Is The American Self-Defense Institute?

What is the American Self-Defense Institute? American Self-Defense Institute has been giving families information on self-defense since about 1998. It's an organization that has been around since about 1998....

It's an organization that has been around since about 1998. I haven't followed them too much in the last couple of years. We were members at one time with them; I think we may be still listed on their website as a referable supplier. There is more information there, but they basically just teach people about self-defense related issues. I think they talk about court cases and things that are going on, maybe in localities and different areas. The time that I last checked them out, they were a completely referable outfit. They did nothing but give good information to the families of the world. There are a lot of organizations that are now doing what they do; spread information to a lot of local jurisdictions in big cities. So there are a lot of places in the US now that you can obtain similar types of information like that from the American Self Defense Institute.

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