All about anthony logistics for men

A brief overveiw of Anthony Logistics For Men line of skin care products.

Anthony Logistics For Men is a complete line of grooming products that was specifically designed for the needs of men.After several years of research, Anthony Logistics For Men was created by Anthony Sosnick.He realized that most of the skin care products for men were just extensions of fragrance or shaving cream lines.He felt the need for skin care products that were formulated for the needs and problems of men's skin.

Anthony Logistics For Men skin care products are multi functional and allergy tested.They are all nature-based using key ingredients such as aloe vera, peppermint, green tea, jojoba oil, hops, basil, camphor, cocoa butter and rosemary to name just a few.

Anthony Logistics For Men is broken down into four segments of grooming products, with each designed for the specific needs of a particular area.They are face, body, shave and hair.

The products in the face category include cleansers, toners, moisturizers and special treatment items for skin specific areas including lip balms, facial scrubs and eye cream.There are also products designed for acne prone skin and antioxidant products containing vitamin C, and vitamin A, to reduce the visible signs of aging and to improve the skin's texture.

The body products include cleansing bars, shower gels in scents including, citrus, spice, coriander and eucalyptus mint, body lotions for moisturizing and alcohol free deodorant.The Sea Salt Body Scrub is fragrance free and designed to exfoliate rough skin.

In the shave line Anthony Logistics For Men has pre shave oils and lotions designed to soften the beard and create a smoother shave surface, a choice of shave cream or gel and after shave products designed to soothe and relieve razor burn.There is also a selection of specially designed razors in ensure a smooth and comfortable shave.

In the hair care category of products, Anthony Logistics For Men has a peppermint scentedshampoo designed for normal to oily hair, a coconut scented shampoo for normal to dry hair, two types of conditioners, one for normal and the other for extremely dry hair, along with alcohol free hair gel and cream.

Anthony Logistics For Men products are sold individually or in specially created kits.The kits include a starter set containing all the cleansing basics, shave kits, and travel sized kits.There is also a set of sun care products containing every thing you need for before and after a day at the beach or while playing hard out in the sun.

After the birth of his twin sons, Anthony Sosnick developed a skin care product for children.It is a combination hair and skin cleanser that is extremely gentle and non-drying.It contains Borage oil as a conditioning and softening agent.

You can find Anthony Logistics For Men products online or at many department stores across the United States and in cities worldwide.A percentage of all sales from the Anthony Logistics For Men line of skin care products is donated to charities to help the fight against prostrate cancer.

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