Antique Hunting By Toronto Harbour Front

The Queen's Quay, Toronto Harbour front Antique market is an excelent place for any die-hard antiquebuff. Where to find it, and how to love it.

Where do you go when you're visiting Toronto, and you're itching to shop for a few hours? Maybe even a few days? Straight to the Harbour!

The Harbourfront Antique Market has become the place to go for anything you want, over the past 22 years.

Starting as a market created among friends, now it counts over 100 independent antique dealers. Having roamed around for a few days there myself, I know I'm hooked for life.

From little silver brooches going at $15,- CAD, to furniture and collectibles far beyond my personal budget, it has something for everyone. Even those who do not think they're interested in antiques are likely to find something there that does appeal to them. (Usually to their surprise!).

With this much variety, antique hunting can become a day out for both you and your -possibly initially uninterested- partner.

Parking is available and just steps away from the market itself, for $5,- CAD for the entire day. Open 6 days a week, -the Market being closed on Mondays- without entry fee, this can also be a nice place to spend your lunchbreak. When you're done eating in the restaurant on the second level, you can browse for a while before going back to every-day working reality. But whether you spend 30 minutes there or 5 hours, this is antique-lover Walhalla. From affordable to extravagant, you'll find it here. Happy hunting!


390 Queens Quay W

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5V 3A6

Phone: (416) 260-2626

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