Apartment Hunting Tips: Walk Through

Apartment hunting tips on what to look for during the walk through. Don't sign that lease until you look for these things.

You're getting your first apartment. You've saved enough money and set out looking. You don't want to sign that lease before you are sure that the apartment has the features you need. Many times these things are overlooked when looking for your new apartment:

Does the apartment have enough outlets? You should check to make sure there is at least one outlet on each wall in the kitchen, bedrooms and the living room. You'll only need one in the bathroom. You'd hate to set up your furniture and have to put an extension cord or two just so you can set up your television.

How long is the lease? Are you going to need more space before the term of the lease expires? If you might ask for shorter terms or ask about a month-to-month lease. Be careful with month-to-month leases as they can change your rent with 30 days notice. A longer lease holds your rent steady for the length of the lease. If you are satisfied that this is a place you are going to stay at, get the longest lease possible.

Does it have enough storage space? Are the closets big enough for all of your clothing? You'll need space in the kitchen for all of your pots, pans and your canned goods. If there isn't a pantry, you'll need to make sure there are enough cabinets.

Are there laundry hook-ups in the apartment? If not, is there a community laundry room? If there is, how far away from the apartment you want is it? You are going to have to haul your laundry, so try to get as close as possible to the laundry room.

Is there a maintenance man available 24 hours a day? If there isn't, be aware if you have a broken pipe, you'll probably have to figure out how to stop it until the next work day or the next week.

What utilities does your rent cover? Most cover water and garbage, so take the cost of electricity and gas into account before you sign the lease. Ask what the average electricity and gas bill are? Will you still be able to afford the apartment?

Is there enough parking? You'll need at least one space for each car you own and one or two for guests.

Are the appliances in good condition? Don't just look at them, test the stove, the heater and air conditioner, if they don't work, find somewhere else.

Is the location convenient to where you work? If it isn't you'll be spending a lot of time traveling to and from work.

It isn't enough that an apartment looks great, you are going to have to live there, so make sure that you are going to happy living there after you move in.

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