Apartment Kids And Activities

Apartment kids and activities. Here are some activites to keep your kids active and quiet without resorting to tv, computers, or video games.

Many parents today aren't financially able to buy a house of their own and as a result more and more children are growing up in apartments. Finding appropriate outlets for their youthful energy can pose quite a challenge, especially on days when they can't get out to a park or recreation center to burn off their energy. I have come up with some activities you can do at home to help keep your children engaged and active as an alternative to TV watching and video game playing. Many of these games can be adjusted to suit any age group. With a little guidance and help from a parent these activities will hold your child's interest and get them creating and inventing their own versions the game.

1.SCAVENGER HUNT- This game will exercise the imagination as well as the body. Provide your child with a basket, bowl, bag or any kind of container. Give your child a list of things to find. Make your list in the form of clues. For non-readers you can call out the clues manually. For example, a preschooler can find things that are different colors, textures, shapes, starting with a particular letter or foods that are sweet, sour, bitter etc. Older kids will be more challenged by clues that describe an item like something made from wood, starting with an "St" or ending with an "nd", something that is bent or jagged or something that is used by many people, something that is used by one person only. You can switch roles and have your children make a list for you or they can make lists for each other.

2. OBSTACLE COURSE- Using pillows, chairs, blankets, beds, etc. Set up an obstacle course all throughout the apartment. Run a long string or yarn through the course for the children to follow. Run it over and under and through chairs, beds, table legs, blankets, across pillows spread out on the floor so that the children have to jump on them like stepping stones. The kids have to follow the string wherever it goes and as quietly as possible.

3. ROLE PLAYING- Create a scenario and convert your living room into a jungle, pirate ship, zoo, restaurant, bus, moment in history etc. Your child is the star player. Be creative and use props such as stuffed animals for zoo creatures, plates and placemats for a restaurant and old clothes to dress up in. Check out thrift stores for discarded costumes or funny hats and strange accessories.

4. INDOOR FAIR- Create an indoor fair complete with midway games. Have ball toss games for prizes (or ask your kids come up with their own skill games to play).Pop up some popcorn and put it in paper lunch bags and "sell" it to your kids. Hold an agriculture show using the family pet or stuffed animals for breed judging.

5. PILLOW FIGHT- Great for those times of uncontrolled energy like at the hour just before dinner. Pick the room you will hold your pillow fight in(preferably the one with the least amount of breakables). Move the breakables out of the room and arm your kids with throw pillows. Lay down the ground rules. No hitting in the face or head, no smothering, and if someone yells "Mercy!" That gives them immediate immunity from being hit. Close the door and walk away.

6.HIDE 'N SEEK- This old childhood favorite lends itself well to indoor play. If the apartment is small with few hiding places, the children can pick a toy to use for hiding.

7.FISH POND- Using a wash basin or large bowl for a "pond" you can create a fish pond and go fishing. Draw medium sized fish out of construction paper and using a hole punch, punch a hole in the mouth area. To make a fishing rod, attach a string to the end of a straw or wooden spoon. On the other end of the string tie or tape an unbent paperclip to form a hook. Place the fish in the basin and have your children catch the fish using the hook. You can make the fish have different sized holes, smaller holed fish can be worth more points. Put the point value on the fish. The child with the most points at the end wins.

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