All About A.P.C.

A.P.C., created by fashion designer Jean Touitou, is a French label that includes simple chic casual wear for both men and women.

In 1988, Tunis native Jean Touitou created a French fashion label called A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Creation) that included simply chic casual wear for both men and women.Today, his label is becoming a prominent name in the ready-to-wear fashion industry as well as a modest wardrobe addition to both celebrities and the average shopper.

Initially, Touitou studied linguistics and history at Sorbonne University in Paris.As time progressed, he started designing and his love for the art was born into the fashion world as A.P.C. Touitou's label has often been noted as the "French Gap", but it distinguishes itself apart from the popular chain store as a prestigious clothier of the finest apparel.Its primary fashion house is based in Paris with its primary stores sprinkled in various parts of the world including France, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, Tokyo and United States.

Touitou not only works by himself, but he is often known to form collective alliances with various designers and upscale retailers.When he first started, his clothes were exclusively sold at his chief stores.As time passed, he started selling some of his most popular fashions at stores like New York's Bergdorf Goodman.By creating collaborations with other respected names in the fashion industry, he has the ability to make his designs accessible to people who admire the quality clothes.To this day he has worked with designers like Anna Sui and Jessica Ogden.Now, his label has exploded onto the scene and can be found at modestly small high-end boutiques located in various parts of the globe.

The label's most popular item is jeans.The jeans range from a wide-array of washes and cuts and remain classically contemporary as fashion moves forward.Included in its arsenal of denim are dark denim, unwashed, a unisex jean and a distinctive "inside-out jean". A.P.C. keeps up a steady pace with the modern urban trends with subtleness and class rather than gaudiness.For updated looks, vintage-like rock novelty tees as well as retro-esque blouses are just some of the items that keep within the times.Even though A.P.C. offers such fashionable items, it maintains a timeless contemporary feel with its utilization of basic bold colors that speak for themselves.Don't let the designer name mislead you, because presumption of ostentation will be dispelled when you see the fun bags, necklaces, belts, sunglasses and other enjoyable accessories they offer.In addition to providing great quality merchandise to adults, A.P.C. offers a clothing line for children that will definitely cause a stylistic bug in young boys and girls everywhere.

Clothing and accessories are not the only thing on the A.P.C. menu.Touitou's love for collaboration not only shows in his clothes, but in his CD's he sells at some of his stores.Produced at the Altier de Production et de Creation recording studios, Touitou also offers compilations CD's of some of his favorite musicians.

From shoes to coats, A.P.C. carries the basics that you need for building a good-looking, clean outfit produced with great craftsmanship and style.They offer a prestigious design label at reasonable prices.From his meager beginnings, Touitou has created what can possibly be a common thread between the general public and the star-studded elite.Whether you are a man, woman or child, A.P.C. provide a variety of timeless fashion that can suit anyone's taste.

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