The appeal of acid cigars

A look at the appeal of ACID cigars, a line of cigar products produced by Drew Estate, Inc., in Nicaragua.

When people think of exotic and exclusive cigars, often the first thing to come to mind are Cuban cigars... exotic and exclusive as much because of the United States' trade embargo as for their flavor and strength. However, since 1998 there has been a growing name in the world of cigars... the Acid cigars, manufactured by Drew Estate, Incorporated, in Nicaragua.

Acid cigars come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors, with names ranging from "Kuba" to "Nasty". They are made with a blend of tobaccos (Nicaragua grows a variety of tobaccos, including some from Cuban seed) as well as a mix of over 140 botanicals, herbs, and essential oils. Hailed by some as the "best kept secret in Nicaragua", these cigars are leading the way in the rebirth of cigars (and slowly taking the world by storm!)

The story of the Acid cigar began in 1998 with the founding of Drew Estate. The founders wished to create world-class cigars, while maintaining old time-honored traditions and their own individuality. Working with the most respected tobacco farmers in Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico and Africa, Drew Estate has created an amazing blend of tobaccos... and continues searching for what they refer to as "all that is positive, honest, and pure". The result of their work is a cigar line unlike any other... scents, tastes, and an atmosphere that is almost beyond description.

The closest comparison that can be made to the Acid cigar line is the subculture of clove cigarette smokers that now exists the world over. Like clove smokers, those who smoke Acid Cigars find that their smoke of choice seems to give them a little something extra... since there's more than just processed tobacco inside, the rush that they get from their smoke is more than just the usual nicotine buzz. Also like clove cigarette smokers, those who smoke Acid cigars can sometimes find it difficult to go back to smoking "regular" cigars. The differences in taste and smell can make themselves very apparent to someone who has gotten used to the Acid sensations.

Of course, there are those who might become confused by the name of the cigars and start to think that they are made using some sort of illegal drugs (after all, "acid" is another name for the illegal drug LSD). These fears are unfounded, though, since by the very mission statement of Drew Estate the addition of any manufactured drug would destroy their hopes of creating "positive, honest, and pure" products. Not to mention the fact that they would be put out of business and face severe fines and prison time! No, the "Acid" in the Acid line of cigars is just a brand name, much the same as "Marlboro" and "Camel" are brand names of cigarettes in the United States. There never has been (nor will there ever be) any illegal drugs in any of the Acid brand line of cigars.

Should you get the chance to try an Acid cigar (and fancy yourself a cigar smoker), it can definitely be worth your while. The delicate blends of tobacco and other botanicals can take you to a new world of taste and aroma that isn't likely to be duplicated by another cigar anytime soon.

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