How To Apply Acrylic Nails At Home

Applying acrylic nails yourself will cut down on the cost and time spent at a beauty parlor, and will add elegance for any occasion.

Acrylic nails can be worn day to day for an added touch that spruces up any outfit. They also are a must for formal events such as dinner parties, award ceremonies, and prom. Having acrylic nails done at a beauty parlor can be very pricey, but doing them yourself at home is a cheap alternative that will still look great.

The supplies needed are cheap and easy to come by. At any beauty supply store or grocery store pick up an acrylic nails kit that includes nails and glue, a nail file, and nail polish remover if needed.

Begin by preparing the nails. First remove all nail polish from nails with nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Then soak hands in water until cuticles become soft. Using the index or thumb nail from the other hand gently push the cuticles back on each finger. Then dry hands thoroughly. With a nail file remove rough edges and smooth the nails.

Once all the nails are removed of nail polish, washed, dried, and filed smooth they are ready for the acrylic nails to be applied. Apply acrylic nails to the dominate hand first. It will be very difficult to try to apply them with the acrylic nails on the non dominant hand. Many kits come with the various sizes already organized, but some do not. If they are all mixed together separate them into sizes by which fingernail they are meant for; pinkie, index, middle, pointer, or thumb. After the acrylic nails are separated find the one that fits your nail the best. It is easier to do this for all fingernails before applying any acrylic nails. Hold the acrylic nail between your thumb and pointer finger of the opposite hand as the one the acrylic nail is being applied to. Use the hand that is not holding the acrylic nail to apply glue to the side of the acrylic nail that will touch the nail. Apply enough for a good hold. Adding too much glue however will cause some to come out at the edges. If this happens wipe it off immediately. With the glue on the acrylic nail slide it onto the nail and push it firmly against the cuticle so that there is no gap between the cuticle and acrylic nail. Press it against the nail with the thumb and pointer fingers of the hand applying the acrylic nail; thumb pushing down from on top and pointer pushing up from underneath. Hold until the nail has dried, usually ten to thirty seconds is adequate. Continue this process for the remaining nine nails.

When all ten acrylic nails have been applied, check for excess glue that dried around the edges. A large amount of visible glue will be a give away that they were done at home. To clean up the glue use a cotton swab with a small amount of nail polish remover and brush it along where the excess glue is. This will dissolve the glue and it can be wiped off. Do not let the nail polish remover run underneath the acrylic nail or the glue holding the acrylic nail on will dissolve as well.

If needed you can have someone help you with any of the steps, but all steps can be done yourself. Applying acrylic nails yourself will cut down on the cost and time spent at a beauty parlor, and will add elegance for any occasion.

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