How to Apply for Chase Credit Card

By Nicki Howell

  • Overview

    The credit card business is competitive, and financial institutions are offering more creative reward options to consumers. Chase offers retail, gas, travel and cash incentive cards to provide incentives to card users. But many individuals interested in applying for a Chase credit card aren't sure where to start. Here's how to apply for a Chase credit card.
    • Step 1

      Determine how you will use your card. Some individuals that have Chase rewards cards use it for everyday purchases to earn points. Consider requesting a higher credit limit if this is how you will use the card.
    • Step 2

      Decide what benefits you want from your Chase credit card. Chase offers rewards programs for Disney Travel, Starbucks, gas and much more. Determine which incentives are the most appealing to your family.

    • Step 3

      Read pricing and terms. Before submitting your application, read the fine print about the card you select. This will include information about the APR, late fees and rules about rate adjustments.
    • Step 4

      Make sure the card doesn't have an annual fee. Chase offers the Chase FreedomSM Credit Card, Chase Platinum Card and Amazon Rewards Card, which don't have any annual fees. Some of these cards also come with balance transfer offers so you can consolidate other credit card debt.
    • Step 5

      Submit an application. Apply for a Chase credit card by filling out an online application or calling 800-432-3117. Some applicants will receive an online decision, while others will need to wait for a mail reply. This may occur if you don't have much credit or have a lower credit score.
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    • Tip: Take advantage of 0 percent APR cards. Chase offers cards with an introductory rate of six months or longer. Review all of Chase's cards and give heavy consideration to those with this special offer.
    • Warning:
    • Even if you have a low APR on your Chase credit card, that rate may climb if you make a late payment. If you haven't had a late payment before, contact Chase and request special consideration for lowering your rate.

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