How to Apply Jane Iredale Makeup

By Katherine Kally

  • Overview

    Jane Iredale Cosmetics is a popular brand of mineral makeup designed to enhance your skin's beauty while camouflaging flaws naturally. Jane Iredale's line of mineral makeup does not contain oil, which can clog pores, or talc, which can dry your skin. Applying this natural line of mineral cosmetics is a step-by-step process that anyone can do.
    Jane Iredale Makeup
    • Step 1

      Apply the oil control primer if your skin tends to be oily or if you have a problem with acne. This layer of color-free makeup primer helps control the oil and assists in covering large pores. You can also use the oil-free primer if you have normal skin. Apply a thin coat over the oily areas or over your entire face using the foundation brush.
    • Step 2

      Choose the type of foundation product that best suits your coloring. Foundations come in loose and pressed powder, or in liquid form. Apply the pressed-powder foundation by first swirling the foundation brush around the cake. Tap off the excess powder. Apply the powder with a downward motion on your face, beginning with the places where you prefer the most coverage. The loose powder foundation is applied with the chisel powder brush. Remove the protective seal from the powder container and replace the lid. Turn the foundation upside down and tap. Your foundation is now in the sifter. Dip the edge of the brush into the available loose powder and work the brush around until all of the minerals are absorbed. Tap off any excess. Apply to your face in a downward motion, in thin layers. The liquid foundation is applied with the foundation brush. Apply two pumps of the liquid onto the back of your hand. Wet the foundation brush before dipping it into the liquid foundation if you want a sheerer coverage. For thicker coverage, use a dry foundation brush.

    • Step 3

      Choose the correct concealer for the problem area. All of the concealers either have built-in applicators, or you will use the camouflage brush and apply directly under the eye, around the nose, or on the forehead--wherever you need the product. When you apply the concealer according to the directions on the particular applicator, you may need to finish with the camouflage brush or your fingertips to feather the concealer into the surrounding area.
    • Step 4

      Apply your selection of finishing powders over the foundation and concealer. Loose finishing powders can be applied with a chisel powder brush or a flocked sponge, lightly over your face in a downward motion. The pressed finishing powder is applied with the "handi brush" in a light, thin coat over your face. Touch up with either product during the day as needed.
    • Step 5

      Apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Jane Iredale offers natural makeup line for all of these products, but you can use any brand that suits you.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Oil control primer
    • Foundation
    • Concealer
    • Finishing powder
    • Jane Iredale makeup brushes
    • Tip: Select the foundation color that works best with your skin by applying a little along your jaw line as a test.
    • Tip: Remember to include your neck as you apply foundation and finishing powder.
    • Warning:
    • If you apply too much foundation, use the flocked sponge to gently remove the excess.

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