How To Apply Makeup For A Natural Look

A guide on how to wear makeup and still look natural. By applying a minimal amount of makeup, women can look naturally gorgeous and save valuable time with their beauty regimens.

Au Naturel

It's refreshing to know that beauty is more than skin deep, and it's even more refreshing to know that we need to look no further than our own skin for natural beauty. Instead of covering up with layers of excess makeup, today's Natural Look is a celebration of every woman's personal beauty. With a minimal amounts of makeup application, not only is the Natural Look fresh and gorgeous, it can shave valuable minutes off of any woman's morning makeup routine.

The Skin You're In

The key to the Natural Look is minimal makeup, and the key to minimal makeup is flawless skin. Not to worry, thankfully it's fakeable, and here's how: apply foundation with a sponge, this allows the makeup to go on sheer since the sponge absorbs some of the liquid. In order to emphasize a natural dewy glow, choose a shimmery foundation. If you're naturally blessed with a perfect complexion, then you can try skipping foundation altogether and opting for a face serum instead.

The secret to even tone and texture is the daily use of a quality moisturizer with a SPF. But remember, quality doesn't have to mean expensive. If you find that a $5 moisturizer leaves you your skin feeling fresh, soft and supple, then there's no reason to switch to a $50 brand name that may not work as effectively. However, if you're still on the search for a moisturizer that suits your needs, then a department store is always a great way to sample a variety of products without the commitment to purchase. If you purchase your cosmetics and/or skin care products from drugstores, then here's something to keep in mind: it's a little known fact that you can return products with which you are dissatisfied. Many establishments do not provide a Return Policy on receipts, and so you may think that you're stuck with a moisturizer that feels cakey, when in reality you can always return it as long as you keep the receipt.

Windows to the Soul

For an instant brightener on the eyes, try using a sheer white shimmer eyeshadow on the upper lids, as well as just below the lower lashes. Pale pastels or translucent khakis compliment the Natural Look best, the trick is to use colors with flecks of gold for a warm glow. Don't bother with an applicator, apply the eyeshadow with fingertips""saves time and looks less manicured. If you want your eyes to stand out a little more, try dabbing the color on the inner corners of your eyes.

Tickled Pink and Peachy Keen

Using one color on your face is subtle, sophisticated and will save you time. To achieve a youthful flush, try using a palette of pinks (it flatter all skin tones). To look warm and shimmery, peach colors work best.

Creamy blush can be a wonderful way to unify all the areas of your face in one great color, as they can be used just as easily on the lips and eyes as on the cheeks. Softly apply creamy blush to only the apples of the cheeks. Next, swipe the color to your eyelids using only your fingertips, then dot some color in the middle of your lips and blend outward (it's a quick way to make lips look instantly pouty).

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