How to Apply Stain to a Wall Panel

By Edwin Thomas

Staining wood is usually fairly simple, but staining a wall panel complicates matters because most often a homeowner is staining the raw wood of the paneling as part of a refinishing job. In such cases, the paneling is already installed and presenting a vertical surface. The most practical way to approach this problem is to use gel stain, which is viscous enough to stick to and soak into the wood in a vertical position.

List of Items Needed

  • Clean cloth
  • Gel stain
  1. Dip a clean cloth into the can or jar of gel stain and rub it against the wood paneling with short circular motions. Continue dipping and rubbing in small increments until the entire wood surface has been coated with an even application of gel stain.

  2. Wait overnight before continuing.

  3. Examine your handiwork. If you think the first layer of stain did not darken or color the wood sufficiently, apply a second coat of gel stain.

  4. Wait for the stain to finish curing before you seal it. If you applied only one coat, wait a further two days. If you applied two coats, wait three days.

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