Archery Equipment: How To Use A String Silencer

A string silencer effectively reduces the amount of noise you make when releasing your arrow, and is essential in the field.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a novice when it comes to hunting--if you're in the woods long enough you should see a deer. Now for how long that deer will stay there depends on a few different elements: one in particular will be silence.

Being silent is a very key element in a successful hunt. There is a lot more to it than just sitting still and not talking. Sometimes you feel like you're not even supposed to breathe. Lets say in this circumstance you've done all of these things right. You get the deer or animal in close, you draw your bow. He still doesn't know you're there. Now you fire, and to your knowledge it was a great shot, but the deer is gone with the wind. There's no sign that you hit him, and your arrow is sticking half in and half out of the ground. You ask yourself why? Take a minute to read the rest of this article and you might be surprised.

Bow hunting is earlier in the hunting season so the deer are generally not as "spooked" as they will be later in the season. However, that doesn't mean that they are not aware of their surroundings, or that their senses are impaired. Have you ever heard someone say to you "I can't believe I missed him, it was a perfect shot?" Well as perfect as the shot might have been, something allowed the animal to escape. A lot of these missed perfect shots, can be eliminated with one simple technique. This is called string silencing.

String silencing is a technique used to dampen the sound your string makes when releasing an arrow, otherwise referred to as "string slap". Often times "string slap" is the main culprit behind a hunter missing or "spooking" the deer. This noise is just enough to give the animal a chance to jump or run to avoid being harmed.

A string silencer can be purchased at just about any outfitters store. They are relatively easy to install yourself, or the store you choose should have a service that can accommodate you by installing it for you. If you decide to do it yourself I suggest that you ask someone at the outfitter store to give you a few simple pointers in installing it. Some basic tools you will need will be a pair of scissors, super glue, a lighter, and some kind of thread or dental floss. There are different kinds of silencers to choose from, but they all serve the same purpose: silencing. Again ask the outfitters what type of silencer will best fit your bow or your drawstring.

No matter what type you decide to go with, I can assure you that you will notice a dramatic change in how loud your release is. Once your silencer is installed, there will be no difference in the way you have to shoot your bow. Now you will be ready to go back in the woods with a more silent and stealthy approach. This technique will hopefully be the next step in bringing home that trophy buck. Happy and safe hunting!

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