Archery And Hunting: Where, How And Why To Use Scent Control Clothing

In this article, you will learn about a few different ways to control human scent on hunting clothing.

As a hunter, the last thing you want to do is spook your quarry by accidentally leaving your scent on the trail. Luckily, there are different products on the market that will help you avoid such a mistake.

First, some hunting clothes are made from a carbon fiber fabric. This fabric absorbs human scent, especially from sweat. The carbon contains charcoal, which helps to hide the smell. You can clothe yourself from head to toe in this type of clothing. It comes in many different styles, from long underwear to boots. One thing to keep in mind is that carbon fabric clothing is more expensive than typical hunting clothing. It is also higher maintenance than regular clothes. The manufacturers generally don't recommend wearing the clothing on the way to your hunting position (in a stand or blind), because you may sweat a lot while you walk, and the carbon may not be able to absorb all that sweat. In addition, after every hunt, you have to roll up the items in a carbon "rug," which then absorbs whatever smells are still on the clothing. You should carefully follow whatever instructions came with the clothing to keep them at the best possible condition. Over time, the carbon does wear out and the clothing will have to be replaced.

Less expensive alternatives to carbon fiber clothing are sprays. You can wear whatever clothing you want, and just spritz yourself with the spray before heading out to hunt. Sprays are good with all fabrics. They come in scents such as "fresh earth" and "acorn," which mask the human smell. You will want to be sure to spray yourself from head to toe, including your hat and boots. Spraying yourself liberally in the morning should make the scent last all day. However, if you walk through tall grass or water, reapplication will be necessary.

Another technique to remove scent from clothing is to use special laundry detergent specifically sold for that purpose. You can find it in the sporting goods department of most discount stores. The laundry detergent eliminates bacteria and odor from your hunting clothes.

Once your clothes are washed, you may want to store them in a plastic storage container with scent wafers. Like the sprays mentioned above, the wafers come in scents such as "fresh earth" and "acorn." The clothing will then absorb the scent of the wafers. The wafers are not necessary, but keeping the hunting clothes stored separately from your regular clothes is a good idea nonetheless.

One final step you may want to take before stepping into those freshly washed and stored hunting clothes is to take a shower with scent-free soap and shampoo, and finish off with the scent-free deodorant. The soap, shampoo, and deodorant will also help to mask the human smell. These hygiene products are also sold in the sporting goods department.

Whether you decide to choose carbon fiber clothing or sprays, when hunting big game animals such as deer, moose, or elk, masking the human scent is essential.

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