Archery Scent Control Gloves

Getting the upper hand with scent control gloves while participating in archery hunting is possible if you know what you are shopping for.

Scent control is a priority for countless archers. Many will store hunting gear and clothes separate from other items, seal that same gear and clothes in scent-proof bags, shower with unscented soap, brush teeth with unscented toothpaste, even use after shower products such as antiperspirants/deodorants specifically manufactured for keeping scent as nonexistent as possible. The hunter's whole goal with the scent control is to be able to get to their stand and provide as much an opportunity as possible to allow the big game to come in close.

Gloves, pants, shirts, socks, even boots are all available in scent control versions. Thankfully, as more and more sportsmen become interested in scent control, manufacturers are responding by providing additional choices in this growing area of clothing, including gloves.

Available at mainstream sporting good and archery stores, you should be able to find a pair that will fit comfortably and allow the movement your hands need for control of your gear. Insulated and un-insulated gloves exist, so purchase accordingly. Different odor- absorbing and scent locking materials are available so read the labels on each pair you consider as the active ingredients may vary from one pair to the next.

While new styles and manufacturers become available on a growing basis, several well-styled, functional gloves to consider include the following:


If you rarely wear gloves in the field, but would like to try a pair solely for scent control, consider a pair such as the ClimaFlexâ-¢ Ultra-Light Savannaâ-¢ from Scent-Lok®, created for the archer that wants as little between his hands and his equipment as possible. The ClimaFlexâ-¢ Ultra-Light Savannaâ-¢ Gloves have combined total scent control with a very comfortable, anti-slip palm.

Scent-Lok® also has several gloves on the market for the archer looking for the ultimate scent control glove no matter the weather conditions. Their ClimaFlexâ-¢ Dakotaâ-¢ comes in both insulated and un-insulated. The insulated version also includes a waterproof membrane to make sure your hands stay both warm and dry. Both styles of gloves are available in Advantage Timber® and Mossy Oak® New Break- Upâ-¢ camouflage patterns.

ScentBlockerâ-¢ SLTâ-¢ Gloves

With the goal of scent control being to limit human odor in the outdoors while chasing big game, ScentBlockerâ-¢ SLTâ-¢ Gloves is on the right track with gloves that combine breathability for comfort along with an odor-absorbing carbon construction. Gloves are available in Mossy Oak® New Break-Upâ-¢ and Realtree Hardwoods® Green HDâ-¢ camouflage patterns.

WINDSTOPPER® Scent Control® Super Glomitt

Cabela's has a glove that is a perfect blend of scent control and warmth. Named a Glomitt, it is what Cabela's has titled their combination glove and mitten. Two layered, the inner glove is W.L. Gore's WINDSTOPPER® Scent Control® fabric, with the outside a waterproof mitten made up of 150-gram Thinsulateâ-¢ Supreme Insulation. For even more added warmth when you need it, they have a small pocket on the back of each glove designed to slip in a heat pack. Gloves are available in Realtree Hardwoods® Green HDâ-¢, Mossy Oak® New Break-Upâ-¢, Advantage Timber® camouflage patterns, and a generous size range from small to 2XL.

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