What Is Aromatheraphy And 10 Basic Oils?

What is aromatheraphy? It has been used for many, many years. Now people in the west are starting to see the benefits. Aromatheraphy is easy to understand.

Have you ever heard some one who had a cold or the flu not going to the doctors but to their backyard and getting plants? If you have that person might be using aromatheraphy. But what is armotheraphy? Aromotheraphy is using the extracted essential oil from certain plants, grasses fruits, leaves roots and trees.

Each oil has diverse purpose. Let's take a look at peppermint. This oil is antiimflammatory to treat arthritis. A docotr can prescribe this oil to be massage in the skin.

There are different ways that these oils can be taken into the body. They can be applied to the skin say like a massage, or inhaled while taking a bath.

The benefits of these oils are that they leave the body rather quickly. They also leave no toxins in the body. They oils that remain the body are passed thru the body thru the urine, feces and perspiration.It can take sometimes 6 hours for the oils to leave the body. Each oil has it own method of leaving the body. Take sandal wood which leaves thru urine, garlic thru perspiration.

Now the basic 10 oils that every household should have are as follow

LAVENDER- Treats burns and promotes healing


PEPPERMINT- Anti imflammatory, bad breath and


CHAMOMILE- Teething, diarrhea

EUCALYPTUS- Cools body in summer, deodorizing

GERANIUM- Works on emotions


THYME- Antiviral, antibiotic

LEMON- Insect bites,slim down cellutite

CLOVE- cure toothache

By investing in these ten oils you can start practice aromatheraphy. Aromatheraphy is not something new. It has been around since the days of Moses, so give it a try.

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