Aromatherapy Information: Benefits Green Tea

Aromatherapy information: Green tea is healthy and helps promote the body's healing.

In the oriental countries, green tea has been used for many centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal qualities. Asians, on average, drink one to two cups per day as a cleanser for the body.

Green tea does have many therapeutic effects; herbalist for aid in the circulation of the blood, a detoxifier for the blood and liver ailments often prescribe it. Green tea also is good for the teeth because it contains fluoride. If you are in need of an extra boost then green tea with the caffeine content is a good stimulant for short time energy.

Green tea is also good for women experiencing menopause, while experiencing menopause the body needs more vitamins and minerals, green tea is a good source of this essential nutrients. Also, if you are trying to lose weight, green tea contains no calories and is contains a lot of essential nutrients needed. Teas in general are good to drink when it is hot because it is made up almost entirely of water. But, green tea seems to be the best of all tea to quench the thirst.

To prepare green tea just take one teaspoon of green leaves to one cup of just below boiling temperature water, let stand for ten minutes and then strain.

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