How to Arrange an Air Ambulance Transfer

By Faith O

  • Overview

    An air ambulance is a piece of aircraft that is medically equipped to transport patients from one location to another by air. Most air ambulances have Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment, and are staffed with the appropriate medical personnel for the patient in question. In many cases, this transfer involves moving a patient from one hospital to another that is 250 miles or more away so the patient can get specialized treatment All big cities have air-ambulance companies.
    • Step 1

      Find the air-ambulance companies in your area. Some companies, like Air Ambulance Worldwide Inc., offer both nationwide and international service. See the links in Resources for help in searching for air-ambulance companies.
    • Step 2

      Call the air-ambulance companies you have identified and ask about their appointment, pick-up and payment procedures. Some companies offer bedside-to-bedside service. In this case, they arrange for an ambulance to pick up the patient from the hospital, transport him to the nearest airport and do the same thing at the destination airport, transferring the patient to the destination hospital.

    • Step 3

      Coordinate with your insurance company. Make sure you know how much (if any) of your air transport your health insurance covers. You don't want to be stuck with any surprise bills in the end.
    • Step 4

      Coordinate the transfer with the hospital where the patient is currently admitted. While you are making your plans, keep that hospital in the loop, so that all information that needs to be passed on is properly taken care of.
    • Step 5

      Coordinate with the hospital the patient is being moved to. Make sure that the doctors and personnel there are ready to receive the patient.
    • Step 6

      Make the transfer. Once all the pieces are in place, the patient is ready to be moved.
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