The Art Of Reading Tea Leaves

Find out how you can read the tea leaves in the bottom of your tea cup by reading this informative article!

Tea is made from an evergreen plant known as Camellia sinensis. The name means "Chinese camellia." Since many teas come from China, it is quite possible that that is how the ancient Chinese art of reading tea leaves got its start. Tea reading is also known as Tasseography or Tasseomancy. Tea leaves are read in order to try to predict a person's future. This practice is said to have started way back in the eighteenth century.

In order to predict your future, you will need some loose tea leaves, a large bottomed tea cup--so the leaves have ample room to spread around--with a white inside--so you can see the leaves clearly, a saucer, some boiling water and a teaspoon.

Make yourself a hot cup of tea first. Then, sit back and relax for a bit while you enjoy the delicious taste of the tea. Drink it all except for about a half of a teaspoon full. The next step is to take the tea cup by its handle and swish the leaves around two or three times. Then, carefully turn the tea cup over upside down onto the saucer. Let it sit for a moment while the tea drains off of the leaves. Finally, turn the cup back over and look at the leaves in the bottom.

Now, you are ready to begin to read the leaves and try to predict your future. The positions of the tea leaves are important. That is, where they have stuck on the inside of the tea cup. Tea leaves that are near the rim of the tea cup will tell you of events that are going to happen in the near future. Whereas, the tea leaves that are stuck on the side of the cup will tell you about events that will happen in the not-too-distant future. The tea leaves that remain stuck in the bottom of the tea cup will tell you about the events that will take place in the distant future.

The next step is for you to take your time and carefully study the tea leaves in the entire tea cup. You will now look for pictures and symbols which represent the future predictions in your life. It would be most helpful to have a reference book to go by so that you can properly read what what the pictures and symbols mean, but here are a few of them to help get you started:

Finding a picture of an angel is said to mean that there is good news and blessings coming your way; seeing birds is said to mean that you are bound to have good luck in your life, and maybe even travel; seeing a horse shoe is said to represent good luck and a happy life; seeing an automobile is said to represent a journey by yourself or taken by someone else who is coming to see you; seeing a chair is said to mean that you will have an addition to your household; seeing a heart is said to mean that you will be lucky in love; and, seeing a square symbol is said to mean that you will have a peaceful life.

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