Article On Time Management : Multitasking

This article on time management will help you to get all you have to do done in a day. Lear how to do several things at once.

There never seems to be enough time in a day to get things done, and yet how much time is wasted by not utilizing the time we do have to the full. By applying these suggestions, you can learn how to multitask to save time, and in turn you will have more time available to spend with your family or doing the things you love.

IN THE BATHROOM- If you have young ones that need adult supervision when bathing but are old enough to sit in the bathtub without slipping or 'going under', then you can clean the bathroom while they play in the tub. When you are in the shower and you have to wait that five minutes for the hair conditioner to do it's work, why not bring a scrub brush in with you and clean the tile while you wait. The shampoo you use should be enough to maintain the clean so you won't need to use harsh cleansers. Many people use their time on the john to read, but it will be more productive if you use that time to go through the weekly flyers and compile the shopping list.

ON THE PHONE- Many minutes tick away while you catch up on all the latest gossip. One of the best investments you can make towards saving time is to spring for a cordless phone. This way you are free to tidy the house, cook, do dishes or play with the kids while chatting. Better yet, keep your hands free for work by purchasing a cordless headset. If you can't see your way clear to buying a cordless phone, then keep a basket nearby, of small tasks you need to get caught up on such as mending, small fix-it jobs and bills to be paid, or thumb through recipe books and do your meal planning for the weeks to come. If you make the "phone rule" apply to the teens in your household, they might be less inclined to spend hours on the phone when they find out they have to work while they gossip.

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