Article Writing Tip; The Best Title For Your Piece

When writing an article one tip that I cannot stress enough, is the need for an effective title. One must catch the reader's attention.

Have you ever noticed that certain articles get more attention from readers? Often, it is the title that lends to the success of the article. Sure, the content of the article is also important, but the title has to stand alone when it comes to representing what the article is about.

A mediocre title suggests a mediocre review, whether this is the case or not. I have written my share of mediocre titles, especially when my creative juices aren't flowing, and have noticed that articles don't shout "read me" as loud as they could. Not every article will be easy to dream up a creative title for, but an interesting one can make a world of difference.

Think of your title as the main selling point of your article. Place great importance upon the task of choosing a title, for it will pay off. Look at your article from various points of view and try to see it in a unique light, and then use this newfound angle to construct a title that will make people want to read more.

There are various approaches to this. As with this article, you can opt for the shocking title, using visceral words that hit the reader in the gut and make them wonder what the article is about.

There are suggestive titles which lead the reader to view the article. For example, "You Must Read This." While I am not as fond of using these, I've often found myself reading more of other people's articles because of a suggestive title.

Titles can allude to the content, giving the reader a taste of what's in store. Just make sure that taste is an appetizing one. This involves taking some element of your article and alluding to it by using a related idea, concept, etc.

"Tell All" titles pretty much sum up the entire article and leave no surprises, but can serve useful in a few instances if you are sure your content will be able to carry itself strongly.

Let's face it, even though you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, or an article by its title for that matter, we all do to some extent. It is human nature to categorize and label, as it is often an effective timesaving mechanism.

So, the next time you strike fingers to keyboard, pen to paper, or whatever the case may be, blaze that article with a title that will scream "read me." You might just notice that your articles are getting more attention.

Above all, be creative. Individuality is like a drink of fresh, cool water to a weary desert traveler.

Titillate the reader with those titles!

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