Arts And Crafts Project: How To Make Your Own Picture Frame

Need a cheap picture frame? You can make your own in just an hour by using these easy-to-follow directions.

Picture frames are expensive to buy, especially when you need one to fit an odd shaped picture. But with a little ingenuity and some materials and supplies, you can make your own picture frame to fit any picture you might have!

The first step in this project is to decide how big your frame needs to be. Then you'll need to decide what sort of materials you want to make it out of. You can use Popsicle sticks, poster board, and a variety of other items; the choice is yours.

Let's say, for example, that you want to make a picture frame to place your young son or daughter's school picture in. You can make a basic frame out of poster board, and then decorate it with items that relate to their school activities.

To do this, measure the length and width of the picture. Then, measure, mark, and cut out a piece of poster board that is two inches longer and wider than the measurements of the picture. Use a straight ruler to measure in two inches on the sides, top, and bottom of the poster board piece. Mark the spots by using a lead pencil. Use the ruler again to draw straight lines across each side at the marks.

Then use a hobby knife (be careful, its blade is sharp!) to cut out the inside of the piece of poster board. Now you have the basic picture frame. Measure a piece of thin, clear plastic so it's an inch or two smaller than the basic picture frame. In a pinch, a small piece of clear plastic food wrap will do. Just make sure that you stretch it out completely so there are no wrinkles.

Place the plastic over the hole in the frame and secure it down with some transparent tape. Then position your son or daughter's school picture on the back of the poster board so it can be seen through the front. Use additional transparent tape to secure it into place.

Now measure the basic frame and cut out a second piece of the poster board. Use some white glue to secure this piece to the front piece. Apply glue only to the edges of the front and back. Make sure that you don't get any glue on the picture!

While the white glue is drying, decide how you want to decorate the front side of the picture frame. If your son plays football in school, you may want to cut out pictures that are related to the sport from magazines. If your daughter is a Girl Scout, you may want to find some pictures that are related to scouting. You can also find pictures of school books, pencils, erasers, et cetera to decorate the frame with.

Or, you can visit your local craft store and buy miniature lead pencils, books, and other items that are related to school.

Finally, glue the pictures or the miniatures onto the front of the picture frame. Then cut a fairly large triangle - make sure it's a few inches smaller than the frame - out of a piece of rigid cardboard. Fold an inch or so of the wide side over and crease it. Then, glue the cardboard onto the back of the frame. Bend it over so it makes a stand.

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