Assemble Your Own Acne Care Starter Kit: Product Checklist

A guide to the items you should assemble in your acne care starter kit. How to pick a clenser, astringent, sulfer soap and facial scrub.

Having acne is so embarrassing.Luckily, there are many ways to prevent and treat acne.Creating your own starter kit to further the prevention of acne is a great step towards not having acne at all.

One of the main things you should be looking for in any acne care item is benzyl peroxide.This is commonly found in Clearasil.It's a great cleanser and toner to help your skin be free of dirt and oils that may cause acne.

Another commonly used item is sulfur.While this can be bought pure, the smell is enough to turn anyone off to that idea!I recommend a nice sulfur soap to get you started.They are commonly yellow and found in health-food stores.

For your acne, you will need to know what items are helpful and beneficial to removing the acne.I personally recommend two items; Clean and Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser and their Deep Cleaning Astringent.I will explain in depth more of what you'll need to look for, though.

You will need, as a base, a simple cleanser.Make sure when you get a base cleanser, you do not get something harsh and full of drying chemicals.This can cause more acne later on.Something preferably oil-free and medicated.Do not use bar soap on your face, except for one reason I will mention later on.The base cleanser is the item you will use first.Always use with warm water.

Second on your list is a nice astringent.Now I know I said "˜not too harsh' earlier, but after being washed, a nice astringent will help get all the nasty bacteria from your now-open pores.

Whenever you're in the shower and feel the need to wash you face, do not use regular bar soap.Use a bar soap with sulfur.If you suffer from acne on your back, this is a wonderful solution to getting the germs and grime off without having to use your precious face cleansers.Using this with a loofa works the best, as it will remove all the dead skin with the crud in your face.

Every other day you will want to use a medicated scrub.I recommend St. Ives for this.It exfoliates your skin to make it more even and smooth after working hard while you shed precious skin cells.This will really help your skin be soft and supple and free of acne.Every other day you should use this before the base cleanser.

What about touch-ups?White toothpaste is a godsend for night-before-the-big-date acne!Put a dab on your zit before you go to sleep and in the morning it will have shrunk down considerably.Don't put it off just because you'll smell minty all night!

Let's do a small overview of the basics you'll need for optimum acne removal; a base cleanser, a deep cleaning astringent, sulfur soap and a facial scrub.All of these items used properly should drastically cut down on your random embarrassing zit.

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