How To Assemble Your Own Manicure Gift Set For Men

List of the tools you'll need to put together a manicure set for a special guy, complete with instructions on how to give a manicure.

Looking for a unique gift for that special man in your life? Why not put together a manicure set for him? Taking good care of hands and nails is not just for women anymore!

Start with a basket or container to put all of your items in. Think about the recipient's interests and try to find a container that will suit his décor and make the manicure set more masculine. For example, if he is a fishing enthusiast, use a small tackle box. For an electrician, tuck the items into a tool belt.

Your basic tools for a manicure set would include an emery board, nail scissors or clippers, an orangewood stick for the cuticles, a good quality cuticle cream and a block-style buffer. All of these items can be purchased at a beauty supply store or even your local drugstore. Additional things you may consider including could be some woodsy-scented lotion, a good exfoliator and a small bowl for soaking the nails prior to the manicure.

That's all you need if you're planning to give this gift to a guy who is either used to getting, or willing to do, a manicure.

But what if he's not? What if your guy thinks manicures are less than manly and wouldn't even dream of taking care of his nails? Here's the solution: an exclusive hand made gift certificate to have the manicure done"¦by YOU.

An example of a thoughtful certificate might be:

"Good for one free manicure for (his name) on (any date) at (location) by (your name). Manicure also includes one free beverage of your choice and may be accompanied by (any sports channel)."

You get the idea. Customize it in a way you think will fit the recipient's personality, perhaps by adding a disclaimer that the manicure is 100% confidential and his friends will never know!

Pick a time when there is no rush to be somewhere else; light a few candles, put on some nice, relaxing music (or that sports channel!) and have the "manicuree" get comfortable. Begin by soaking his hands in a bowl of warm water with some scented oil added. While he's soaking, warm up a fluffy hand towel in the dryer or microwave and then wrap his hands in that.

Next use a good exfoliating scrub. Using a quarter-sized amount of scrub (or whatever the product labeling recommends) scrub the entire hand and nail area, massaging carefully. Rinse in warm water until all of the exfoliant is removed, and dry his hands well.

Your next step is to gently push back the cuticles with an orangewood stick. Be careful not to push back too far.

After that, take a pair of nail clippers or scissors and cut the nails straight across, taking care not to cut too short. Use an emery board to smooth the edges.

Using the block style buffer, buff the nail surface smooth, again taking care not to push too hard.

Finish the manicure up by massaging his hands and nails with a nice masculine lotion, putting your feet up, and watching that game right along with him. You never know, someday he may just return the favor!

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