Astrology: Gifts For A Scorpio Woman

Delight your Scorpio girlfriend with the following gift tips.

Scorpio women weave spells, hide behind veils and revel in not revealing their innermost selves. They are the Mata Hari`s of the zodiac - exotic, sensual and ever mysterious. To caputure their hearts, you need patience, sensitivity and determination. The best gift will prove you know them better than most; the worst kind of gift is something generic you buy at the airport store in between flights.

Whatever the gift, make sure she realizes that it is totally, uniquely her. Scorpio is a deep-thinking sign and Scorpio women know intuitively how much care went into the selection of the present. Truly, it"˜s the thought that counts but tailor the gift to your girlfriend`s personality. Even if she hides her true self from much of the world, she still needs to feel you understand her. It isn`t easy getting Scorpio lady to open up but it`s what you have to do to stand a chance with her. Ask her about childhood hopes and ambitions. Did she want to be a painter, hitch-hike to Argentina, save the world? If so, buy her a palette with a set of oil paints, a Spanish phrase-book or a membership in Greenpeace. Whatever the gift, it should reflect how well you know her.

Scorpio is passionate and sensual -but these qualities are often concealed behind an inscrutable exterior. Ideally take her out for candlelit dinners in familiar but romantic locales where she can relax and open up. Whatever the gift you choose, this is an ideal moment to give it her. Scorpio always has her antennae quivering and is especially susceptible to ambience, blaring music and loud conversations from neighbouring tables spoil the mood.

But don"˜t get the idea that Scorpio is a shrinking violet. Pluto, that dark and distant Lord of the Underworld, is Scorpio`s ruling planet. And rule he does with a rod of iron. Scorpio ladies are surviviors, pull back the veil and planted there firmly behind the the sensitive, helpful exterior is a lady with guts and determination. A winning combination that can make a difference in the world. A special gift for this lady would be a voucher to take part in an activity that challenges these very qualities whether it is a camping trip, a six-week course in Japanese or a stab at bungee-jumping or parachuting.

Talking of life or death, Scorpio has a natural affinity for mystical experiences. Go into a New Age Store and take your pick. From healing crystals to tarot cards to aromatherapy, anything that expands the boundaries of every day reality is bound to appeal to Scorpio`s soul. And with Scorpio, soul is what it`s all about.

Zodiacal Gift Tips:

Scorpio colors range from deep red and maroon to aquamarine. How about silk sheets in these colours? Or candles?

Scorpio stones are iridescent opels, crazy topaz and mysterious malachite. Either from the New Age store for crystal meditation/charms or set in rings or necklaces.

Flowers: Anything in the Scorpio colors (see above), also geraniums.

Books: Deeply spiritual (Yoga, Crystal Meditation, Astrology, Feng Shui etc), detective novels, anything about the environment.

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