Astrology Love Quiz For Cancer

The sun sign Cancer has its own style of Love. Take this Astrology Quiz and see if your love style is like a Cancer.

Is your love style like a Cancer?

Every astrological sign has a different personality, different careers that are suited for them, different approaches to friends, and different styles in love relationships. Take this quiz and see if your Love Style is like the sign Cancer.

Read each question and write down the best answer. At the end of this quiz, use the answer key to add up your score and discover if your romantic side is like a Cancer.

1. One of the biggest problems I have in relationships is...

(a) my moodiness

(b) my eccentric, nontraditional approach to love

(c) I can be overly protective of my personal feelings

2. When I have a disagreement with my lover, I am lost likely to...

(a) give in to their side of the argument without much fighting

(b) persist until I get my way

(c) find a compromise

3. In the early stages of a relationship, I prefer...

(a) to be passive and let my new lover make all the first moves

(b) to be passive about intimate issues, but be aggressive in other areas

of the relationship

(c) to be the initiator

4. Once I spot somebody that I would be interested in romantically, I"¦

(a) ask them out, and if they say "˜no' I dedicate myself to winning them over until I am successful

(b) flirt like mad until they ask me out

(c) try to hang around them as much as possible and hope they ask me out

5. "It is very important to me that my lover remembers our anniversaries, my birthday, etc." Is this statement true for you?

(a) no, anniversaries aren't that big of a deal to me

(b) yes, remembering these days is very important to me

(c) it would be nice, and I may get upset if my lover forgets a really important day, but I wouldn't make a big relationship decision based on this

6. To me, a great night with my lover would involve"¦

(a) cuddling for hours on the couch while watching rented movies

(b) a romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant

(c) a night out on the town (going to bars and clubs)

7. I prefer it if my relationships progress"¦

(a) very quickly

(b) very slowly

(c) somewhere in between

8. I could best describe my role in a relationship as"¦

(a) protector

(b) provider

(c) nurturer

9. I tend to get jealous"¦

(a) occasionally

(b) often

(c) never

10. " I feel that my lover is responsible for my emotional (and some of my physical!) health." Do you agree with this statement?

(a) No, I feel that I am the one responsible for these things

(b) Yes, I expect my partner to fulfill these needs

(c) Partially, while I do expect my lover to take care of me, I know that I am the one ultimately responsible for my physical and mental health

Answer Key:

(1)a=2; b=0; c=1

(2)a=1; b=2; c=0

(3)a=0; b=1; c=2

(4)a=2; b=1; c=0

(5)a= 0; b=2; c=1

(6)a=2; b=1; c=0

(7)a=0; b=2; c=1

(8)a=1; b=0; c=2

(9)a=2; b=1; c=0

(10)a=0; b=2; c=1

What your score means:

17-20 points: A TRUE CANCER LOVER!

14-16 points: Heavily Influenced by the Sign Cancer

10-13 points: Similar Love Style as a Cancer

5-9 point: Only Sometimes Similar in Love Style to the Sign Cancer

0-4 points: A Lover Unlike a Cancer

What is the Love Style for Cancer?

Cancer (Born June 21-July 22) is a nurturer. They like to be the initiator in a relationship, and they pursue the person they have their eyes on relentlessly - and they usually succeed! Cancer likes the comforts of home, and enjoys quiet evening in with their lover. They can become moody and difficult at times if they do not feel that their significant other is giving them what they need - a strong emotional and physical bond. Cancers are gentle and adoring lovers that make the person they are with feel like they are the most important thing in the world!

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